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Pins are inspired by Social Thinking® and the Superflex® curriculums by Michelle Garcia Winner, CCC-SLP. Social Thinking® is a term coined by Michelle Garcia Winner and represents a coordinated teaching framework of curricula, vocabulary, teaching tools and strategies for individuals aged preschool through adults. Learn more at
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Shaun the Sheep: Championsheeps - Beach Volleyball (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Worry Wall Lesson from Encourage Play, part of the Social Thinking Series. Great for kids who struggle with social interactions and anxiety. Pinned by @ mhkeiger.

Social Thinking: Unthinkables - Worry Wall

Awesome Social Thinking idea for learning about Whole Body Listening, fighting Brain Eater and Energy Harey, and working as part of a group. Added bonus- I already have the light sabers made! Pinned by @mhkeiger.

In a music room far, far away...

Superflex Jeopardy

Social Communication Services with Mrs. Cardenas - Blog

Superflex costumes


Fun and easy crossword puzzle handout that reinforces or tests knowledge of the "Unthinkables" characters used in Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking curriculum. Can be used as homework or warm-up activities.

Social Thinking "Unthinkables "Crossword Puzzle

Superflex needs your help to catch the team of Unthinkables who have invaded the brains of movie characters! Use the QR codes to find the video clips. Can you identify the unthinkable (or unthinkables) in each video clip and choose a superflex strategy to defeat them and save the movie characters.If you have any questions about this product, please ask them in the Q&A section before purchasing.

Superflex Who-Done-It

"Identify That Unthinkable" handout

"Identify That Unthinkable" handout

CGI Animated Shorts HD: "Playmate" - good short for talking about friendship and Stick to Me Sam from the Superflex Unthinkables!

CGI Animated Shorts HD: "Playmate" - by Sen Liu & KunZhan Tao

Social Thinking Unthinkables and Ryuu Dragon cards are fun and useful for social skills work. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources

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Superflex takes on Brain Eater focuses on one of the social cognitive challenges we see most often in our students, distractibility, with strategies on how to stay on track with every day activities like getting ready for school and listening in class!

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In this teaching comic book in the Superflex® series, the superhero, Superflex, swoops down to help Aiden overcome the Unthinkable, Glassman (who causes our over-reactions to small things), at just the right time: the first day of school! This very popular comic book works well with K-5 students.

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This latest edition in the Superflex series is a compilation work that introduces 82 new Unthinkables and 14 new Thinkables submitted by Social Town citizens of all ages. Unthinkables and Thinkables are grouped by theme/category for easy reference by student or adult, and each entry includes the character’s power, related information about its characteristics, and strategies to defeat the Unthinkable or bolster a Thinkable's help.

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The Superflex® curriculum offers clear lesson plans to help educators, SLPs, other therapists and parents create a personalized Superflex Superhero Training Academy! The students learn how each of them have Superflexible capacities in their brains that can take on the "Unthinkables," each embodied in a cartoon character as a different behavior and challenge, accompanied by specific strategies to help subdue them. This package also includes a 21-page storybook. Kids LOVE learning with Superfl...

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Calvin and Hobbes- a Brain Eater moment.

Please love Calvin and Hobbes. | Superflex® Takes on One-Sided Sid, Un-Wonderer and the Team of Unthinkables by Social Thinking Publishing

NAPPA Toy Awards

3 Simple Ideas for using Superflex Superdecks & Thinkable/Unthinkable Double Decks - YouTube

3 Simple Ideas for using Superflex Superdecks & Thinkable/Unthinkable Double Decks

Baldwin Elementary S.C.O.R.E.S.: Social Thinking Group. Ideas and Plans for elementary years social thinking groups

Baldwin Elementary S.C.O.R.E.S. Program

Superflex costumes


Superflex Mission Book rules and missions

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Flexible Thinking Activity ~ Could do this in group with any object...

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Dirty Laundry is a fun game to help students expand friend files and think about others.

40 Days 18 Hours 55 Minutes until Spring!!

Creating VISUAL Friend Files to Enhance Social Experiences

Lapsa Speech Language Center | Speech Therapy in Frederick, MD

One Sided Sid - Cranium Whoonu (Tin). great for social thinking & creating friend files.

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Great idea! From Teacher Tipster....I found a use for bubble wrap! I wonder if this could be used for Space Invader

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