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"Four months after jumping in front of a mini-bus to prevent it from hitting his blind dog mom, guide dog Figo is back home and the ASPCA's Dog of the Year."

Guide Dog Who Saved Mom from Being Hit by Bus Is ASPCA Dog of the Year

Border Collie. 240 miles back home.

Sheepdog's '240 mile trip to former home' in Aberystwyth - BBC News

Daisy is a blind dog whose best friend Ellie Mae helps her get around. The constant companions have lived together their whole life prior to arriving at the Potter League for Animals in Middletown, Rhode Island. After observing them together, the Potter League want them to be adopted together. About a year ago Daisy woke up and couldn't see. "It's something that comes on," explained Kerry McKinnon of the Potter League for Animals. "Suddenly. There's...

Blind dog and her "seeing eye" companion seeking forever home

Not a new story. "A blind border collie has found a new lease of life thanks to his mate – who acts as his guide dog"

Blind border collie gets his own guide dog

"Last month, a seven year old hound mix named Gumby escaped yet again from his seventh adoptive home. It was the eleventh time he ended up back at the Charleston Animal Society (CAS) in the last year and a half."

Runaway Pup Finds a Home and a Job

"When Wes McGuirk found his 120-pound Great Dane standing on a tree branch 20 feet up, he attempted to get her down then called for help. Read the story here."

Rescuers Save Great Dane Stuck in Tree


A monkey found an abandoned puppy on the street. What happened later is beautiful! - Amazing Stories

"A formerly morbidly obese Texas dachshund once dubbed "Fat Vincent", is seen at an animal shelter after dropping half his body weight, in an undated photo provided by K-9 Angels Rescue in Houston."

Texas dog loses weight and 'Fat Vincent' name

"A St. Charles, Missouri woman is alive and well - and it's all thanks to her hero, a white German Shepherd named Max. Sue Sanford was in her upstairs bathroom putting on makeup one morning while her dog, almost 2-year old Max, milled around nearby. Sue's husband, Jesse, was downstairs, just about to leave for work, when Max caught his attention." What we wish every family dog could be.

Good Boy! Dog’s Instincts Save the Life of Stroke Victim

"Horse Saves Blind Dog from Drowning! A dog named Abby is lucky to be alive after a horse came to her rescue during her greatest time of need. More to the story when you click the photo..."

Horse Saves Blind Dog from Drowning

Dog lost at sea

Puppy Lost at Sea for 5 Weeks is Found by U.S. Navy - NBC News

A Veterinarian Rises From the Ashes to Save a Ravaged Town's Animals

Diabetic Alert Dog screen-shot-2016-03-07-at-4-33-42-pm.png

Dog saves the life of sleeping boy with type 1 diabetes

The Street Dogs of Ecuador – Spot Speaks

The Street Dogs of Ecuador – Spot Speaks

"Race organizers have decided to rename next year's race in honor of the hound!"

Dog sneaks into half-marathon, finishes 7th

"A 120-pound Newfoundland named Veda likely saved the life of a loggerhead sea turtle she found lying on a Massachusetts beach last week."

Newfoundland Saves Stranded Sea Turtle

"A dog in Massachusetts is being credited with saving his pal from a dangerous situation."

'Lassie' Leads Police to Dog in Trouble

"Caleb Stanek relaxes with Captain, whose endless energy makes him an unsuccessful pet but an excellent conservation dog."

Conservation Dogs Sniff Out Endangered Species

Lost Dog Stays At Site Of Family’s Car Crash For 13 Days Before Being Discovered via

Woman Finds A Lost Dog On The Highway. Then She Leads Her To The Terrifying Truth...

A Soldier’s Best Friend: The Amazing Stories of 22 Heroic “Purple Heart” Dogs

A Soldier’s Best Friend: The Amazing Stories of 22 Heroic “Purple Heart” Dogs

"When foxes nearly wiped out a colony of little penguins, a sheepdog saved the day." Watch for the movie!

The dogs that protect little penguins - BBC News

Dogs of Sydney (24 of 30)

Introducing Slim Dusty and Django, Part 1

"Coast Guard Saves A Pooch Stranded On The Ice via"

Coast Guard Immediately Stops Their Ship When They Spot THIS Alone On The Ice... Unbelievable!

"Woman Finds A Lost Dog On The Highway. Then She Leads Her To The Terrifying Truth..."

A Dog's Unending Loyalty

The Best Dog Catcher in History: Megan | Gary Wilkes' Real Clicker Training

The Best Dog Catcher in History: Megan | Gary Wilkes' Real Clicker Training