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Dogs and Their Stories

Dog stories here and more stories on the Dogs: Old Photos board

Dogs and Their Stories

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Getting a dog and self-searching.

On Getting A Dog: Spirituality And The Examined Life

Cats and their stories, lol! Just wanted to see if you're paying attention!

Imshi, mascot of 2/1 Anti Tank Regiment, sits beside a corrugated iron tank. She is wearing a jacket with corporal stripes. Her name was derived from an arabic word meaning 'go away'. Imshi travelled with the regiment through Egypt, Greece and Syria. Whilst in a camp in Syria she met with another famous mascot, Horrie the Wog Dog, 2/1 Machine Gun Battalion, lifting his spirits after he had been ill and recovering from a wound received in Egypt.

P06269.001 | Australian War Memorial

Shepherd John Dagg and his dog Sheila. The Dickin Medal was awarded to the shepherd and his dog following their courage in rescuing the crew of a crashed Flying Fortress bomber.

The scruffy little stray peered warily at me from under her filthy, matted curls. She looked to be a poodle mix of maybe 15 pounds and animal control had been getting calls about her for a month or so. I called softly to her but she tucked her tail and trotted away. I spent the next several weeks trying every trick in the book to capture the little dog but she was too shy to approach and too clever to be cornered or trapped. She slept under old cars behind the meat company and roamed the nearby car dealerships daily.

One Rescue Becomes Four

Walkies! Graham Waspe, who is registered blind, with his blind guide dog Edward (left) and his new guide dog Opal (right) who now guides both of them on walks

Blind man keeps his old guide dog after it loses its sight... and then gets a new one who now leads them both around

Image via The Kennel Club

29 Photographers Intimately Capture The Lives Of Dogs Around The World - BarkPost

Happy ending!

K-9 found: Police dog home after 2 months missing

Posted for the dog stories! "Darwin's Dogs: How Darwin's Pets Helped Form a World-Changing Theory of Evolution"

Since she was a puppy, Daisy has been trained to sniff out cancer in urine, skin and breath samples

Daisy the Cancer Detection Dog Awarded for Sniffing Out 550 Cases, Saving Owner's Life

A little more info "'Dogged determination' has a mascot, and it's a miniature schnauzer named 'Sissy.' On Sunday, the dog escaped from her yard in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, walked 15 to 20 blocks to the hospital, and then sneaked inside to find her huma..."

Dog Escapes, Runs 20 Blocks Away To Comfort Owner In Hospital

Sissy the Miniature Schnauzer made her way to a hospital 20 blocks away to find her owner, who was being treated for complications from a cancer-related surgery.

Dog Finds Her Way to Hospitalized Owner

dog falling through ice

Dog helps save another dog that fell through ice in Andalusia

"Deciding to move on after his beloved German Shepherd was stolen from his backyard 18 months ago wasn't easy for Richard Brower."

Man finds stolen dog during search for new pet

"When a dog fell through ice at the Andalusia water treatment plant, another dog helped save its life by getting the attention of a worker at the plant."

Dog helps save another dog that fell through ice in Andalusia

"The tiger-striped dog named Burt, who looks like a greyhound, was reported missing by his owner in Morningside Heights last August."

Dog missing for more than five months found by firefighters

"California Police Dog Gets Promoted to Detective The Escondido Police Department recently took to Facebook and Twitter to announce that one of their officers had been promoted to detective. This isn’t particularly newsworthy, except that this officer is a dog, and she’s the first to ever receive such a promotion in their department!"

California Police Dog Gets Promoted to Detective

"Spectacular Photograph Of an Australian Shepard" Picture stories!

Spectacular Photograph Of an Australian Shepard

"These gentle giants showed their compassionate side."

Family of Rottweilers save pensioner stranded in school field

"Seattle's public transit system has had a ruff go of things lately, and that has riders smiling." You see, of the 120 million riders who used the system last year, one of them is actually a dog. Seattle's KOMO-TV reports the 2-year-old black Labrad...

Seattle Dog Figures Out Bus, Regularly Rides To Dog Park Solo

"Mascot: As Charlie Hebdo's 'house' dog, Lila the Cocker Spaniel was in the office when the killings began. Ms Vinson told Le Monde she could remember the pattering of Lila's paws as she moved between the bodies"

Lila the dog survived Charlie Hebdo newsroom massacre

WOOFipedia presents the top five dog-themed tearjerker moments that happened in 2014. Which did you think was the most heartwarming? Disclaimer: You may want a box of tissues handy. #woofipedia #woof

not a story, just a picture that tells a story.

"Judy was a ship's dog on board HMS Gnat & HMS Grasshopper before & during WWII. She helped save the lives of the crew of the Grasshopper following the sinking of the ship. Once captured by the Japanese, helped the men in the POW camp. She struck up a friendship with Frank Williams, whom she spent the rest of her life. She was the only dog to be registered as a WWII POW. She survived in the jungles of Sumatra after the guards had sentenced her to death. She was awarded the Dickin Medal."

Judy (dog) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia