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Dogs and Their Stories

Dog stories here and more stories on the Dogs: Old Photos board

Dogs and Their Stories

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Raja's owner says that he saved her life by alerting her to a fire.(Photo Provided/IFD)

Dog alerts owner to house fire

"Dog saved her puppies from forest fire"

Dog saved her puppies from forest fire

If in doubt, trust your dog... just make sure that your dog is listening to you and responding so you have control of your dog.

Dog protects King County woman, thwarts rape attempt

Hero Dog Saves 2 Swimmers From Drowning In 'Jaw-Dropping' Rescue

This beautiful dog with no eyes helps children in need - The Washington Post

This beautiful dog with no eyes helps children in need

Nico, an adopted Bernese Mountain Dog, rescued a couple who were stuck in the riptide at a California beach last week.

California Dog Rescues Couple From Riptide

The Radioactive Man Who Returned To Fukushima To Feed The Abandoned Animals

"From the Pit Bull who saved a deaf boy from a fire to a service dog who dialed 911 for a veteran, here are some of the most inspiring hero dog stories of 2014."

2014 Highlights: 7 Brave Hero Dogs Who Saved the Day

Frankie the German Shepherd Can Sniff Out Thyroid Cancer | Dogster

Frankie the German Shepherd Can Sniff Out Thyroid Cancer

Laura, a 5-year-old Husky, has a degenerative cornea disease that has left her mostly blind. But that hasn’t stopped her from running the Iditarod in Alaska.

Blind Dog Competes in Iditarod

It is truly unbelievable what she does.

This Abandoned Dog Walked 4 Miles Every Night With A Bag Of Food. They Finally Followed Her And... WOW!

"Check your bags?" takes on a whole new meaning!

TSA discovers stowaway Chihuahua in owner's suitcase

Getting a dog and self-searching.

On Getting A Dog: Spirituality And The Examined Life

Cats and their stories, lol! Just wanted to see if you're paying attention!

Imshi, mascot of 2/1 Anti Tank Regiment, sits beside a corrugated iron tank. She is wearing a jacket with corporal stripes. Her name was derived from an arabic word meaning 'go away'. Imshi travelled with the regiment through Egypt, Greece and Syria. Whilst in a camp in Syria she met with another famous mascot, Horrie the Wog Dog, 2/1 Machine Gun Battalion, lifting his spirits after he had been ill and recovering from a wound received in Egypt.

P06269.001 | Australian War Memorial

Shepherd John Dagg and his dog Sheila. The Dickin Medal was awarded to the shepherd and his dog following their courage in rescuing the crew of a crashed Flying Fortress bomber.

The scruffy little stray peered warily at me from under her filthy, matted curls. She looked to be a poodle mix of maybe 15 pounds and animal control had been getting calls about her for a month or so. I called softly to her but she tucked her tail and trotted away. I spent the next several weeks trying every trick in the book to capture the little dog but she was too shy to approach and too clever to be cornered or trapped. She slept under old cars behind the meat company and roamed the nearby car dealerships daily.

One Rescue Becomes Four

Walkies! Graham Waspe, who is registered blind, with his blind guide dog Edward (left) and his new guide dog Opal (right) who now guides both of them on walks

Blind man keeps his old guide dog after it loses its sight... and then gets a new one who now leads them both around

Image via The Kennel Club

29 Photographers Intimately Capture The Lives Of Dogs Around The World - BarkPost

Happy ending!

K-9 found: Police dog home after 2 months missing

Posted for the dog stories! "Darwin's Dogs: How Darwin's Pets Helped Form a World-Changing Theory of Evolution"

Since she was a puppy, Daisy has been trained to sniff out cancer in urine, skin and breath samples

Daisy the Cancer Detection Dog Awarded for Sniffing Out 550 Cases, Saving Owner's Life

A little more info "'Dogged determination' has a mascot, and it's a miniature schnauzer named 'Sissy.' On Sunday, the dog escaped from her yard in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, walked 15 to 20 blocks to the hospital, and then sneaked inside to find her huma..."

Dog Escapes, Runs 20 Blocks Away To Comfort Owner In Hospital

Sissy the Miniature Schnauzer made her way to a hospital 20 blocks away to find her owner, who was being treated for complications from a cancer-related surgery.

Dog Finds Her Way to Hospitalized Owner