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Black and white print Nike Free Run with sparkle♥

Great Glutes in 20 minutes...I'll try anything if my buns will look like this!!!

Glute, Butt, Bootie Challenge

Tone & Tighten: Weekly Workout Plan - 5 days of workouts to get you through your week

Could be interesting to do this every 2 or 3 weeks and see how much quicker/stronger you get at the exercises.....

Gallery For > Cheer Workout Plan


THE 100 CALORIE WORK-OUT - Move Nourish Believe

Willow Jade: Healthy Living Lifestyle: Fall Workout Plan

Willow & Jade: Healthy Living & Lifestyle: Fall Workout Plan

Worried about wearing all those sleeveless shirts this summer season? Try this 15-minute workout and you will be well prepared!

The Summer Sleeveless Arms 15-minute Toning Workout

Pinterest Workout Review | Skinny Mom's Thigh-Thinning Circuit

How to Lose Weight in Week

Get In and Get Out With a 20-Minute Treadmill Workout

Leg Workout! What a great workout..wish i had a treadmill...X

No Bat wings...11 Best Tricep Exercises For Women. Great site! It shows you how to do it all!

What a great idea - Write a bunch of exercises on popsicle sticks and put them in one cup. Whenever you have a chance, grab one, do what it says, and move the stick to the Done cup.

Firm your deep ab muscles to shrink your waist, improve your posture. Do this circuit twice, three days a week, for serious results.

Easy and quick morning workout. Good to do on those mornings you don't go to the gym

Awesome Abs without Crunches: these moves work the transversus abdominis (deeper muscles that wrap around your trunk) as well as the obliques along your sides. Translation: a tinier waist, a flatter middle and sexy definition—fast!

Sexy Arms in 6 WeeksIf you’re just starting out, aim for two sets of 8 to 12 reps of the heaviest weight you can handle for each exercise. Looking for more of a challenge? Shoot for two sets of 15 to 25 reps per exercise.

Medicine ball interval workout: Burpees, Sit 'n Reach, Russian Twist, Basketball Jump Squats, Medicine Ball Plank, & Toe Tap Soccer Drill

At home crossfit workouts

a MUST for bikini season!! 7 detox smoothies - also explains what each of them does for your body. YES, this is cool.

A complete circuit workout using just your body weight, no equipment.

I like her blog.

Mini morning workout

Challenge accepted