SO SIMPLE  - how to teach long division in 3 minutes or less  Are you KIDDING ME?! How the heck did I teach long division for 5 years and never know about This?

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I am literally speechless. This technique may save my sanity: "SO SIMPLE - how to teach long division in 3 minutes or less ohmyword - where has this been my whole life? " seriously was able to apply it in less than 3 minutes after reading the article

Great, hands-on way to teach kids what teen numbers really mean. {A Hand Made Childhood}

How to make a Montessori "teen" board (Adding n = teen number) Take it further by adding 10 to other double digit numbers. (A Hand Made Childhood)

list of books to use with math

Math in Literature (organized by topic). This link is amazing! We'll be incorportating literature in Math this year. Great site to start looking into Math literature!

I'm going to print these out on the plotter (poster printer) and post the money/shapes on my Math Focus Wall. LESS work for me!!

Here are FREE math mats for guided groups. You find mats for counting forward, counting back, skip counting, counting money and identifying shapes.

love this idea

Each child is given Fruit Loops to create a pattern of choice. They glue them on then label their pattern by color, number and letter. They always like this activity because they get to each the leftover cereal!

This site has information about setting up Daily 5 Math and some FREEBIES

Like the idea of meeting beginning/end of math to discuss, similar to responsive classroom, nice when math class isn't my home base kids.This site has information about setting up Daily 5 Math and some FREEBIES

Color-coded math strategies... This could be used with any grade really.

STEP BY STEP, colorful pencil printout, that helps remind students what to do during a word problem. Teach students how to color code the important parts of a word problem to help them solve.

Wiggly Eye Dice...use foam blocks as a base so that they are light

Wiggly Eye Dice: An Eye-Rolling DIY Project

super cute if you have extra googly eyes :) - Have your make these eye dice, and then use them to play a monster roaring game! Roll the dice, the eyes, and roar that number of times in a different monster voice each time!

Math Words

Love this as a bulletin board idea! It would be great to color code, in order to show overlapping clue words! Nice to see a DIFFERENT way to display this stuff. important for every classroom

Muted Dice rolling with foam trays....LOVE this idea for centers! great way for them to stay on table and not floor!

Muted Dice - Roll the dice inside of pie pans that include a piece of foam. A great idea for centers because the dice stay on the table and not the floor!they make way too much noise!

This site includes around 14 different math songs for topics: measurement, estimation, addition, money, subtraction, place value, 3-D shapes...

math song prinatables math term, place value, money, time, fractions etc cute!

dance and math.  interesting idea.  would have to make the mats but it seems engaging enough that it might be worth it.  good for review.

My girls love to dance! Dance Math - mixing academic learning and physical activity! Left leg is for the tens, right for the ones - hold up math facts and have them dance the answer!