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Have you ever seen flying cat? Look at this funny super cat of the day which will make smile on your face.

カサっという音の方向には・・・ ピュアな瞳で堂々と悪事を働くニャンコに意気消沈

カサっという音の方向には・・・ ピュアな瞳で堂々と悪事を働くニャンコに意気消沈

Black and White and adorable.

I would love a little black and white kitten, but wont be able to have one until I can afford one. I'd love to have someone to cuddle with and give massages to.and love.

* * " Der be Bluto atz de dumpster agains. He haz plastic and paper fetishes…

The very first longhaired cat tuxedo seen in Western Europe were of Persian breed and they showed up a long time in the century. At that time, they appreciated an excellent popularity. Persian tuxedos have longer, thicker hair, cosy undercoat, immense