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What is a mother?

A mother is someone who loves unconditionally and places the needs of her children above her own, on a personal level, and not only with words, but also actions.
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Being a mom is the hardest job in the world!

Being A Mother Helped Me Know God

A woman who holds a position of authority or responsibility similar to that of a mother: a den mother.

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A mother is always someone who births a child. A mother CAN be someone who raises a child.

Happy Mother’s Day

a mother is one that loves unconditionally,leads by example,puts others before herself biological or not a good mother could never be called second rate

mother-daughter relationships

A person who raises, loves, and cares for you. Raises you to be a good person, and not do troubled things. A person who loves you not matter what kind of mistake you make. Cares for you no matter what, a mother is a mother:)

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"real mothers" are those who are truly confident in their parenting and don't need to look to random strangers for a validation of who they are. The only people who can truly tell you that you are a mother, are your kids. Ask them.

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If you love them and care for them and put them before your self 99.9 percent of the time

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Mother is the woman who raises you, who is there for you to hold and comfort you when you are sick or hurt, the woman who laughs with you, who cries with you, who loves you, even when you aren't exactly lovable, for whatever reason, (teen years), That is what I call a real Mother, and God bless them.

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Essentially your "mother" is the woman who raises you and cares for you. Your "biological mother" is someone who homed you for 9 months and decided to give you a better life, which is a noble decision at that. However, I think to be called "mother" it takes a lot more than just being pregnant and giving birth....

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There are many definitions of the word mother, and many are applicable. Only those with "closed eyes" can't see that there are many meanings to "mother." A person who gives birth is a mother. A person who raises a child is mother. A person who loves and cares for a child is a mother...etc. Mother Thersa was a "mother" to thousands of poor children. It is not an all-or-nothing is a spectrum.

Designer Babies – Playing God in the Womb

I think a mommy is the one who loves, nurtures, raises, finds puzzle pieces, helps with homework, kisses booboos, and reads bedtime stories. I think choosing to adopt is sometimes an agonizing decision, but such a great one. Providing a child with love and a home, what could be better. Mother can be a birth mom, technically. But to be a mommy, that is the real privelege. You are the mommy! Congrats on your kiddos!

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