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Mia Ashtyn Castaneda

Mia Ashtyn Castaneda
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I believe in God I don't need a favor he already saved my life and gave me grace and promised to love all my imperfections and forgives all my sins. I don't deserve a favor

the tele tubby is cute im laughing this is so fake>>> is this trying to tell me that Tinky Winky is capable of murder


People honestly think this is real. That's Ashton, Luke, Calum, and the guy in the pig mask is Michael. That's They are my favorite band and most definitely are not dead.

Good luck!

I wonder if it will give me the luck of Meeting Niall Horan and then getting married on the spot. But you know, regular good luck is nice too.

okay...that was weird.

That's crazy. But I WAS leaning on my left elbow so i felt obligated to! Ooooomg totally was!

Love my momma<3 :) I'm sorry but I love her so I had to post

Sry guys not because of the *die* thing (I don't believe those) but because I love my mom


Hahaha I can't even read this learn how to type pls omg (and don't even comment saying its fake bc I'm not stupid lmao)

Mommy.... I'm scared

I'm not reposting because it told me to. This is to raise awareness of uncreative chain mail. If we work together we can stop the chain mail that doesn't have a cool back story together.


I don't no if this is true ,but I love my mom and I'm not taking any chances>>>> no I'm not going to how did the person know that this guy ignored this post and how did he know that his mother died? Like seriously that's weird