New way to do a sock bun! Gotta try  1.) Place your hair into a high ponytail 2.) Cut the end of a sock so that you can place out ponytail through it (the bigger the sock, the fuller your bun will be) 3.) Fan your hair out, making sure the sock is covered all around, then put a hair tie over it 4.) Take the remaining hair and split it in half 5.) Braid each side 6...

Another take in the sock bun! Push the sock down to the bottom of the pony tail. Spread the hair out around the sock and secure with an elastic. Braid the remaining hair wrapping it around the bun, pinning it down till its secure.

french fishtail (waterfall style)

french fishtail (waterfall style) I keep failing at the waterfall braid. I really like this fishtail look

The Chinese Staircase Ponytail.

The Chinese Staircase Ponytail

11 Interesting And Useful Hair Tutorials For Every Day, DIY Chinese Staircase Ponytail Hairstyle. if I had long enough hair!

You braid your hair and then hold onto the middle strand and push up the other two. so simple. going to try this :)

The Snake Braid. Do a regular braid. Once you reach the end, hold the middle strand & push the other 2 strands up The Snake Braid. Do a regular braid. Once you reach the end, hold the middle strand & push the other 2 strands up was last…

One sided braid

One-sided braid tutorial from Lauren Conrad. An easy back to school style!


Small French Braid on the side, braid all the way down, secure with a clear elastic. Then tease the crown and put into ponytail. Wrap the remaining braid around hair tie. If only I could get my hair to cooperate!

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Hair: Braid Wrapped Ponytail Hairstyle Step by Step. Oh wait, I still have short hair.

Serious must have!

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Hacks tips and tricks that'll combat the problems curly hair girls experience daily -- no more frizz!

Curly Hair Hacks/Tips, How To Maintain Natural Curls

Curly hair hacks, tips and tricks; How to prevent frizz and maintain natural curls; Tutorials for frizzy curls

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