Bad AT-AT! - A Little #StarWars Humor

Bad AT-AT! - A Little Star Wars Humor

via: Nerd Approved This is just a fun Star Wars-inspired photo that made me laugh. It's of a Stormtrooper dealing with his little pet AT-AT.

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Just keep walking.

Just keep walking.

Take your kid to to funnny. i can seee corey playing likee this with his action figures

Lego star wars funny dad - Google Search

The Secret Life of Stormtroopers is a photography series by Andy Wells in which he photographs the Star Wars and LEGO action figures in everyday settings.

Just me cleaning the Death Star. LOL! I <3 the LEGO Star Wars video game. The real LEGOs are pretty awesome too ;)

Just me cleaning the Deathstar

- Funny Lego Star Wars Darth Vader slipped on wet floor while Stormtrooper was cleaning.

Stormtroopers Doing Awesome Things

Stormtroopers Doing Awesome Things. My favorite is the Stormtrooper walking the AT-AT


cool photo diorama art for card design or wall art for any self respecting scifi geek of a dad Happy Father's Day!

Han Fridge

Procrastinaut: 13 things to waste your time with this weekend

Funny pictures about Han Solo Carbonite fridge. Oh, and cool pics about Han Solo Carbonite fridge. Also, Han Solo Carbonite fridge.

Storm troopers - This is something Seth would do & I would find in a random place so I could die of laughter. LOL.

A day in the life of a Stormtrooper. We may need to use storm troopers for Elf On The Shelf. These are too funny!

Iron Star Wars

Funny pictures about We all have dreams. Oh, and cool pics about We all have dreams. Also, We all have dreams.

Just out for a walk in the park

Funny pictures about Walking the walker. Oh, and cool pics about Walking the walker. Also, Walking the walker photos.