How to join granny squares.

Finallay a technique that I like Crochet How to Join Granny Squares - Photo Tutorial ❥ // hf

Nice joining tutorial.

Contains link for US instructions! Here at last is the long awaited tutorial that I've been promising you all. I am so delighted that my blankets have inspired many of you.


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Anleitung gehäkelter Schalkragen inkl. Bilder!

Anleitung gehäkelter Schalkragen inkl. Bilder!


The Shingled House DIY: Easy Burlap Shades (for Less Than $20 Each)

DIY Burlap Window Panels on Tension Rods, by Caitlin Long, The Shingled House Remodelista

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stay wild, Geweih, sw, Print / Poster DIN A4

Typo/Druck Geweih und Bleib wild // print/poster with antlers and stay wild via…