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Huge creature lurking in Pasir Ris Park drain gives jogger the shock of his life

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Spontaneous human combustion - Many hypotheses attempt explanations for the various cases of human spontaneous combustion. These generally fall into three groups: -Paranormal explanations (e.g., a ghost or divine intervention) -Natural explanations based on an unknown and otherwise unobserved phenomenon I once read that the acid from the stomach and chemicals from the intestines would react when met and the human being would explode...not sure though

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The Peruvian army has captured something truly horrific, a human size bat, this animal as you can see in the photograph appears to be a giant bat. Apparently this animal has been frightening locals living near the amazon jungle bordering Peru. Recent reports state that this animal attacked several people walking through the jungle and elsewhere in Latin America.

Incredible! Human Size Bat Caught In Peru | RiseEarth

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