Female Vampires

The world's sexiest--and scariest female vampires, from movies, comics and art.
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a woman in a red dress is sitting on a gold chair with her mouth open
Elder Vampire by Sophia-M on DeviantArt
a woman with dark hair and red eyes is staring at the camera while wearing vampire makeup
woman, vampire
Vampire Character, Vampire Makeup, Girl Face, Maquillage Halloween, Vampire Girls, Woman Face, Vampire Knight
Lady, Fantasy Female Warrior, Vampire Bride, Fantasy Women, Vampire Queen
Alluring Female Vampire, Bentley Sher
Comic Art, Fan Art, Vintage Horror, Geek, Marvel, Comic Books Art, Artist Art, Female Art
Dynamite® Vengeance Of Vampirella #1
a painting of a woman and a wolf with blood on it
a woman laying on the ground in front of a man with a knife and fire
vampirella ࿔
a painting of a woman with her face painted like a corpse on it's head
a drawing of a woman sitting on top of a wooden table next to a bird
Demon Mirah „roiho”
a woman with blood on her face sitting in the grass
Character, Character Portraits
Nosferatu by phlegmocat
two red headed women dressed in white and gold, posing for the camera with each other