Ability to live on the move. This is a great setup, keep high ground.

Xterra Storage Boxes Lets See Yours! use as a bug out/camping vehicle - pretty…

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Traipsing About | The Adventure Mobile – Our Sprinter Camper Van DIY Bike Hauler

View in Sprinter van sitting in front swivel seat looking back. Ikea countertops on either side, utility drawer over fridge on drivers side, and storage with wire baskets underneath the countertops.

Where would you take this Toyota this summer?

Toyota Tacoma

When you go shopping for a new truck you may run across the Toyota Xplore Adventure Series. With this you can have your new Tacoma, for example, kitted out for the ultimate in camping and off-road travel. This includes a bed rack and an elevated tent so

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You could take ideas from Baja chase truck racks, if you feel like fabricating something custom (or having someone else fabricate it).

Building your own canopy/camper. - Expedition Portal

Building your own canopy/camper.

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