Michaella Icasas

Michaella Icasas

Manila, Philippines / Mind full of thoughts swimming free, not wanting to be written and thought of. So here are pictures.
Michaella Icasas
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Packing for the winter does not have to be difficult. Pack clothes with two things in mind mix and matching and layering. Complimentary colours and items that can be dressed up or down will make packing for winter vacations in the city a breeze.

Packing during the winter can be a challenge, but we put together a Dream Travel Stylish winter packing list for a 7 day trip itinerary.

Winter Packing Light Travel Capsule

Here’s a quick Winter Packing Light Travel Capsule to get you through the remaining cold weather. If you need a refresher on how to layer during winter travel, read my thorough Guide to Cold Weather L

How I Stay Warm in the Winter (While Trying to Look Cute) | Putting Me Together | Bloglovin’

Okay, yall. I hesitate to write this post because I live in Southern California where winter is a mild 60 degrees during the day and maaaay.