Michael Rattray

Michael Rattray

Toronto, Ontario
Michael Rattray
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Energy in my utopia will come primarily from renewable geothermal energy sources. (Picture #7)

I lived & worked here as a teen Kate S. Waimangu Volcanic Valley, New Zealand, which is the newest geothermal system in the world. It was created after the eruption of the Tarawera Volcano in with mysterious steaming cliffs and lakes ~

In my utopia, there will be forests that will provide the wood needed for the construction of homes, the vertical gardens, and the wooden bicycles. In addition, these forests will provide a place for where citizens can spend their leisure time. (Picture #10)

My favorite place in the world. give me a bunch of rocks, some trees, some shade of green, 0 people and a small body of water and I am good to go, Forever.

In my utopia, there will be no war and peace will be permanent, with this picture symbolizing nature's victory over violence. (Picture #15)

Photo Marc Riboud - Jan Rose Kasmir facing the American National Guard outside the Pentagon during the 1967 anti-Vietnam march."la jeune fille à la fleur"

In my utopia, capitalism will be abolished and the economy will function through an exchange and trade system. (Picture #1)

Do you know how to barter? In preparedness circles, the term barter is used lot when describing a post SHTF situation when goods and services may no longer be available through normal channels.

In my utopia, citizens will travel using bicycles rather than using motorized vehicles. My utopia will be geographically small enough to allow for the use of bicycles as the main means of transport. If a citizen needs to carry all of their belongings, they can do so. Furthermore, through the use of bicycles as the main means of transport, citizens will remain in good health, spend more time outdoors, and eliminate the use of fossil fuels. (Picture #5)

Bike Rims - Sanomagic Wooden Bicycles Ninth-generation Japanese shipwright handcrafts lightweight mahogany bicycles

In my utopia, if citizens need more power than geothermal sources can provide, they can use their bicycles as a method of power generation. (Picture #6)

Bicycle Generator: A pedal-powered emergency electric generator constructed from an old bicycle and used car parts: might not be pretty but it can keep your phone and laptop alive in an disaster.