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<3 (Mike and Meredith)

<3 (Mike and Meredith)

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Mandy wonders, if she can't tweet about her feelings if she's really even experiencing them, on Last Man Standing. #hilarious #best

As the days grow shorter and the air chillier, spring feels like a million miles away. But if you’re thinking about buying a home when the world is in bloom again, it’s never too early to plan.

True story when we were kids!! The Big Bang Theory

Buy vs. Rent a Home: 3 Common Myths Busted -

No Credit Score, No Home? -

The Truth About Real Estate -

Via Dave Ramsey's blog. Cruise smoothly to a new home!

Pinterest when your husband is watching something dumb

5 Must-Dos Before You Buy a Home

When Is the Best Time to Get a Deal on a New Home? -

Saving for a New Home? 7 Steps for Reaching Your Goal -

I always want Chik-fil-A on Sunday.

Because the tortoise wins.

Keep the first things first. Get your priorities in order.

Keep Calm and Make a Budget -

Love makes up the difference.

There is no magic pill. You have to work hard every single day.

Choose who you follow.

Just saying...

Buying a home

Are You Truly Ready To Buy a Home? -

  • Mike Shaw
    Mike Shaw


Housewife 2 Hostess : Budgeting 101 - The Dave Ramsey Way. Learn how to set and stick to your budget, plan for the future/ emergencies and pay for kids college

diet coke, love

  • Mike Shaw
    Mike Shaw

    Full of crap. I know your love for Diet Coke!


  • Mike Shaw
    Mike Shaw

    :) we can't miss tonight!

Ha ha! This really did make me laugh a lot. I can be quite vicious whence playing Uno.