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Rainbow Loom

We’re sharing project ideas and tips for the Rainbow Loom. With this latest craze for kids, you can create customized bracelets from rubber bands

▶ DIY Rainbow Loom Flip Flops and epic giveaway! (original concept !) - YouTube

Rainbow Loom® Bunny Charm

Crafting Rainbow Loom Bracelets

  • Mimzanilla

    This one is as painful as the "Silly Band" epidemic; I have rings and bracelets and necklaces all over my house. Lol, it keeps them happy.

  • Maya Eiland

    Really cool stuff Rainbow loom @Michaels Stores

  • Chosen Kin

    I don't know who loves it more, me or my son! It is so relaxing for me. Another activity for quality time!

  • Adam Finkler

    I am really into rainbow loom. I love how a simple process of a few bands can turn into somthing do cool. I just made a phone sleeve and love evrthing i have made so far! I am going to continue making them even when the fad is gone!!!

Rainbow Loom Striped Easter Egg Charm

Rainbow Loom Duck Charm -- Revised Rubber Duckling

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Rainbow Loom® Valentine's Pencil Favor

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20 rainbow loom bracelets

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Made by Mommy's Beaded Flower Bracelet for the Rainbow Loom

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Rainbow Loom Ballerina Party Dress Charm

Kaleidoscope Rainbow Loom Bracelet Tutorial

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warrior rainbow loom