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Michal Propílek

Michal Propílek
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An amazing info-graphic on software testing.  Infographic: 6 Reasons for Migrating to Automated Testing Via: http://www.cygnet-infotech.com/infographic-6-reasons-for-migrating-to-automated-testing

A wonderful infographic that will present 6 awesome reasons to migrate to test automation. Enjoy this amazing infographic while having a steaming cup

4 Reasons Your Backlog Items Might Really Be Epics - 3Back Scrum & Agile Blog

Many people think that Epics are simply large Stories, but we like to define an Epic as a Backlog Item that can't be agreed to by the Team.

3 Tips to Using Scrumtastic Storyotypes

Each Team seems to develop its own repeatable patterns, which are examples or templates of Stories (and Epics) that contain common, reusable, information f


6 Criteria for Good Stories: Writing a good story can be easier said than done. To assist, we offer the INVEST acronym, originated by Bill


Scrum is successful largely because it is based on values. The collection of Team Values listed here are ones I want Scrum Teams to have.