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Josh Klinghoffer

He is but has the cherubic face, loose-fitting attire and loping gait of a man 10 years younger.

Earliest known pic of Stevie Ray Vaughan with "number 1".

"The Legendary Lost First Stevie Ray Vaughan Album" Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee at Jack Clemont's Belmont Studio, early 1978 Stevie Ray Vaughn: Guitar J.

Stevie Ray Vaughan without a Stratocaster in his hands. - Telecaster Guitar Forum

“I use heavy strings, tune low, play hard and floor it. Floor it, That’s technical talk.

Fender Stratocaster ’62 (John Frusciante's most used guitar)

John Frusciante 3 of 3 main guitars Fender Stratocasters Frusciante’s three primary guitars for stage and studio both solo and with Red Hot Chili Peppers are these Fender Stratocasters from