Small Hanging Vertical Pod Wall Vase from wendy jung design ideas interior design 2012 decorating before and after design interior design


Dutch Design Week 2012 - ‘The research collection’ by Kristie van Noort

nicola tassie

Simple Jug by Nicola Tassie. Love the carved detail

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blue ceramic wind chime curtain by artist Stan Bitters

A blue ceramic wind chime curtain by artist Stan Bitters divides spaces in the backyard in Venice Beach's Favorite Restaurant : Remodelista. What a cool idea for a school installation!

...una buona mozzarella la riconosci dalle imperfezioni!

The Molosco Dinner Set by Laura Letinsky

lovely organic shapes Ceramic bowls & plates with gold rims / Laura Letinsky.

The Prop Dispensary | elisaw.com

Simple ceramic plates are so beautiful, rustic yet contemporary feel. I love eating off of a white dish, so clean looking.

NEWS - nipponcrafts Jimdoページ  - ibaraki Ceramics

Beautiful colours ● Nobue Ibaraki ceramics ● simplicity of glaze with form and function

notablegem: (vía Hermoso estilo japonés)

design d'objet//Tea pot by Shinobu HASHIMOTO, Japan. (I don't drink hot tea, but I love interesting tea pots and sets.


Love this color! Aqua, the new hand-crafted tableware in Portuguese style earthenware transforms every table into a summer tableau. The dishes and bowls, available in different shades of blue, bring a breath of fresh air during the sultry summer months.