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Let me tell you about Homestuck

Let me tell you about Homestuck- look up mspaintadventures Homestuck, read it- and join our fandom of insanity>>why did u put kk in front, and why does eridan look upset, i thought he loved water, he is a sea dwell-oh it;s humanstuck nevermind

Homestuck - Dirk Strider

I don't think he was scared to do this. He knew it needed to happen.I think he was just scared that Jake wouldn't revive him.

*kanaya casually drinking blood in the background // Karkat has a supermodel smile, n'est ce pas?

Everyone but Kanaya looks as if the comos have just exploded just because Karkat smiled


I can't stop laughing! I can just picture the theme song and then the train breaking through a wall and the music getting louder and Levi's face pops up on it

lol john

Jade is scandalized, John is dead, Rose is giving John the silent treatment, and Dave has finally accepted the fact that John is an idiot

Instead, Hetalia has a "Everyone is dead" AU. And let's not forget Mirai Nikki or Higurashi. <<<yeah the hetalia one is true.<<<<<< sadly, the hetalia one is true.