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RIVER OF FORGETFULNESS / Brain Damaged / Electrical Variations

'Is quiet here' - Photos by a friend of mine - Marius Grozea : Music by MgM Michel from 'Is quiet here' Album :


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THE CIRCLE by Marius G.Mihalache Michel | Mixcloud

(Points, lines, planes and other undefined things - II) A Summer With You Wednesday Night and a Piano Thingummy Arabica Coffee Beans Pure Soul & You Hazz de Necazz cu Bossa si Jazz (Funny's Trouble with Bossa and Jazz) 4 You You You You Old Time Piano The Road to Brasil The Spring and The Street Days long past Bossa '97 Dirty Waltz Is Silance Here Middle of Town Suzzy My Cat Good Night My Love I've fallen and I have not seen Muzzy Blues 3/3Blues River of Forgetfulness Voices - from ...


The Untempered Piano II

(Points, lines, planes and other undefined things) Two Black notes in a white space... forever parallels, but forever live together, so different, so lonely... these two lines, two planes, two fingers, two hands, two friends... these two... oh.. these two... Two Black birds flying in the White light Two Black thoughts lost in White feather Two Black dreams in a White nightmare Two Black letters on a White paper Two Black birds dead in the White snow Two Black sounds in the White ...

The Untempered Piano I

We live in a red world Red as blood We live in a yellow place Yellowness We live in a dark dream With dark people Packed people We live in a desert Desert hopes The place where I was to fly music by MgM Michel

Desert Hopes by Marius G.Mihalache Michel | Mixcloud