Thematic Vocabulary Collection from The Curriculum Corner | Includes 9 sets with word cards, definition sheets, matching & more | space | insects | spiders | amphibians | reptiles | birds | solar system | newspapers | fish

LOVE these scaffolded reading response goals - my students' responses have grown so much from the beginning of the year.

Love this idea for grouping students. You can move students around when you need too. If your using ability grouping you can see where they started and how much they have grown.

Diagnostic and formative. What steps students should progress through. They aren't necessarily linear.

Get your students writing about text with this easy and engaging strategy. This pack includes detailed lesson plans that scaffold from teacher modeling to independent practice. Even my first graders could write about text using this strategy!After they find the important words from the text and compose sentences they can use their sentences to write paragraphs, research papers, make informational posters, etc...

Upper Elementary Snapshots: Making the Most of Classroom Magazines

I love getting students thinking deeply about a book! I use my "Step In - Step Out" strategy lesson to have students do just that.Students "step in" to the story to analyze character choices, and they "step out" of the story to analyze author choices.Included in this free lesson is a detailed explanation of the strategy and how I use it with my students, printables to make anchor charts, and three differentiated versions of an accompanying response sheet.Enjoy!You might also want to check ou...

This ready-made literature choice board is ideal for use with any novel used in the 3rd-5th grade classroom. It includes 9 activities that students can complete, along with 4 worksheets that correspond with them. This packet is great for reinforcing reading comprehension, vocabulary building, and critical thinking by using novels in the classroom.

Great list of questions/statements for teachers and/or students to use during guided reading!

main idea lesson! Helps students weed out the unimportant details. I will be doing this and reviewing it!

Enjoy this *free* set of 12 task cards to use as you prepare for your next novel study.

FREE 2-6

Word Work Lessons, Grades 3-5 Free Cheat Sheet for Teachers! from Hello Mrs Sykes

FREE - Help your students become more confident readers with this fun and interactive passage! It is perfect for helping students build fluency, use context clues, and improve reading comprehension!

Ask and Answer Questions! {Resources and a Freebie Rewind!}

Strategies for Reading Longer Words {free printables included} | This Reading Mama

Free Text Structures Graphic Organizer

Teaching With a Mountain View: free

Saguaro National Park - YouTube

Beautiful DESERT - YouTube- one hour- pictures/ music

Beautiful Earth - Namibian Desert - YouTube- Use with A Walk in the Desert

Response to Text Menu - Choose an Appetizer, Main Course and Dessert

This file is a sample of EIGHT 2nd/3rd grade CCSS aligned Snapshots.Snapshots are half-sheet assessments (or morning work, homework, extension, extra practice, etc...) that you can quickly give and even more quickly grade, to get a clear SNAPSHOT of your students' understanding of 1 specific standard.This file contains four math (2 2nd and 2 3rd), two grammar, and two comprehension Snapshots and answer keys.Check it out, use it in your classroom, and see if Snapshots are right for you!You ca...