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vintage Leica

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Cool Camera trick for the holidays. Simple Idea, Awesome Result…

Simple Idea, Awesome Result…

Image of Simply Bloom

Bloom Theory Shop — Products

Tenerife, The Cherry Blossom Girl

2012 April


Monique Simone Photography :: Contact

Iso cheat sheet

Online photography classes

ISO comparisons, all shot at f/5.6 aperture & 1/200 shutter speed

Buying a camera: everything you need to know

I tried this and it took my camera a little longer to focus but my pictures look AMAZING!! I love this

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Understanding aperture

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want to try this Reebs will you be my photographer? Also I want to do a 1920's vintage photo shoot you down? :) DRESS UP PARTY (I bet Andrada would love it)

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The pose is pretty cute! And I haven't tried it yet :)

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Senior photography

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If I could only teach you one thing in this photography basics series, it would be to set your camera in aperture priority for the next six months.  When you want full depth-of-field, choose a high f-stop (aperture).  When you want shallow depth of field, choose a lower f-stop.  Your pictures will DRAMATICALLY improve when you learn to control the depth-of-field.

The Difference Between Manual Mode and Aperture Priority

A beginner's guide to creating blurred backgrounds in photos with a DSLR #tutorial #photography #bokeh

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Blurred Backgrounds in Photos

Aperture Vs. Depth of Field Visual Guide

Aperture Vs. Depth of Field Visual Guide » Expert Photography

Understanding Aperture: Photography

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Aperture & Depth of Field

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Understanding ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed- a lesson by Plateful Cooking

Understanding ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed | Playful Cooking

Difraction aperature and starbursts - how to make this effect

Diffraction, Aperture, and Starburst Effects

Aperture - Photography Terms Dissected Read more here:

Aperture - Photography Terms Dissected

Aperture tips, "I prefer f7 on a sunny day, but I also like bright colorful photos, I just lower the aperture"

Sunny 16 Rule - Special Edition by Alessandro Arcidiacono

Aperture: Get Creative by Andrew Gibson. www.picturecorrec...

Aperture: Get Creative

Learn how to get great blog photos with a focused foreground and blurry background!

Aperture For Bloggers - SNAP!

great primer for Manual Mode shooting

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