Lettuce wraps with chicken and mushroom. Easy lettuce wraps recipe that is better than PF Chang's lettuce wraps and takes 15 minutes. A must try Chinese recipe | http://rasamalaysia.com

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Lose Weight in 4 Weeks! One Month of 400-Calorie Lunches

A Slimmer You in 4 Weeks! One Month of 400-Calorie Lunches


14 Day Low Calorie Weight Loss Menu--great for weight loss or maintenance! #healthy #recipes #lowcalorie #recipes

14 Day Low-Calorie Weight Loss Menu


26 Quick Breakfasts That Will Fill You Up Until Lunch - This is one of those breakfasts that makes you go, "why didn't I think of that?" If you make some hard-boiled eggs at the beginning of the week, then you're just a ripe avocado away from tasty and hunger-fighting combination of hard-boiled eggs and avocado. Recipe from @POPSUGARFitness #recipe

5-Ingredient Healthy Breakfasts to Make Your Mornings Easier


Easy homemade black bean burger recipe! I used to basically be a vegetarian and loved stuff like this. Would be great as a side even made into meatballs.

Homemade Black Bean Burger Recipe - Cleverly Simple®


These Garlic Lemon and Parmesan Roasted Brussel Sprouts will definitely be a HUGE hit at the tailgate.

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Hello Trader Joe's friends! I want to welcome you to A Modern Commonplace Book! You came here for a menu plan - but honestly, there is so much more on thi

Everyday tips, recipes, thoughts, and new favorite things


| A Daily Detox Green Smoothie in 7 Easy Steps

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Greek Yogurt Egg Salad Sandwich - Lightened up with Greek yogurt, you'll have a hearty sandwich in minutes. And it doesn't taste healthy!

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Need some ideas for healthy lunches? Look no further! Tons of healthy, easy, and quick lunch ideas with photos.

Healthy Lunch Ideas


Organize your entire day on one sheet of paper with The Daily Page Notepad. Great for the New Year!

Organize 2014 - Thyme Is Honey

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The Best Salad EVER... @Kristine Ho

Kale and Broccoli Slaw Salad with Chicken: Copycat Recipe


Read this article for some egg-tastic ways to get creative with hardboiled eggs!

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Lightened Up Deviled Eggs! I am obsessed with deviled eggs, so I'm glad I saw this lightened up version from A Kitchen Addiction!

Lightened Up Deviled Eggs - A Kitchen Addiction


Acai Bowl: Basically a smoothie finished with healthy toppings, antioxidant-packed acai bowls are a delicious spin on the breakfast standard. Get creative with your favorite healthy toppings - think fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, granola etc. #VegaSmoothie

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Egg Salad makes for a quick and easy, nutritious lunch...especially if you already have hard-boiled eggs in your fridge!

Egg Salad | Recipes | Beyond Diet


Superfood Salad with Pan Seared Salmon and Honey Mustard Vinaigrette by alaskafromscratch #Salad #Salmon #Avocado #Kael #Quinoa #Pomegranate

Superfood Salad with Pan-Seared Salmon


Chicken and Bacon Chopped Salad - A savory,filling, low carb salad made with season grilled chicken, avocado, corn, tomatoes and bacon.

Chicken and Bacon Chopped Salad


Hollys Salmon Salad.This is so good. Low calorie and healthy. I cook my salmon in the Forman grill, it cooks fast and tast like its been on the barbecue. This makes a great lunch or dinner.

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5:2 Fasting Diet - Lunch Ideas

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Grilled Salmon with Avocado Salsa.

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Detox with a healthy dinner, makes it easier to do. Day 1 made way more than 64oz and days 2 & 3 didn't quite make 64oz, maybe add more cucumber or apple next time. Lost ~7lbs

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Cleanse. But they also just sound tasty for a twist on water in the summer. It gets boring only drinking water.

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4 Day Juice Cleanse and Shopping List: I am going to do this and soon!! Can't wait to lose the weight after the baby is born

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