and later, Latin." I believe French comes from Latin. It is a Romance language and Romance languages stem from Latin.<<lol, we're simpler here in America I guess XD

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 39 Pics

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 39 Pics

Jim Gaffigan compilation…And I read every last one of them in his voice.  @Ashley Clayson

Jim Gaffigan compilation…

Jim Gaffigan is the best! "Have you tried the hot pocket hot pocket? It's a hot pocket filled with a hot pocket. Tastes just like a hot pocket.


What is This Thread Made Of?

Life is a lot of things, such as random and funny. so these pictures are kind of like life. These are funny pictures and these are very random pictures. Try to enjoy life while looking at them.

I am just saying....

I always tell Lucy "I don't lick you, why do you lick me? I know you don't lick me WHY NOT?

This is so true!!

I cauterized this as funny but this is ANNOYING. Yes people erk me!

What women keep in their purses…

Opened my wife's purse and started laughing. She asked what was so funny. Hilarious since there is a purple minion in my purse right now.

Those Boxers are such great "watch dogs". haha This is so Asia!

Those Boxers are such great "watch dogs". haha This looks just like my granddaughter, Tyka