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Good to know

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handmade card ... Gorgeous Grunge Flower Card ... layered flower using newsprint paper ... kraft base ... stamped stems with little punched flowers and pearls runs diagonally across the card ... luv it!

Stampin' Connection

10 Tips for How To Paint a Room | #10 After your first coat allow your paint to dry overnight. Instead of cleaning your paint roller, stick it in a Pringles can and store it in the refrigerator overnight. The next morning, when you pull out the roller to reuse again, it will still be moist and ready to go.

10 Tips for How To Paint a Room - Refunk My Junk
  • Debra Littlejohns
    Debra Littlejohns

    You achieve the same result when you wrap it in a carrier bag, as long as there is no air getting to the roller, or brush, there good to go the next day! No need to refridgarate!

SO FREAKIN AWESOME!!! Soak steel wool in apple cider vinegar, rub down new wood with the soaked steel wool for an instantly aged wood look. Good to know for "vintage" signs.

Our Adventures in Home Improvement: I Love Old Windows

MOVING TIPS - Free Printable Moving Check List

15 Things You Didn't Know Your iPhone Could Do

15 Things You Didn't Know Your iPhone Could Do

How to Stop a Zipper from Unzipping Itself

Valspar plastic primer is one of the best products to use when spray painting plastic. Tutorial for spray painting plastic.

How to Spray Paint Plastic {Plastic Crate Revamp}

Carbs are Killing You - Why fat doesn't make you fat.

Fill your sink with hot, hot, hot water. Then fill each wine bottle with hot water and drop it into the sink. Next, add this secret potion: 1/2 cup baking powder 1 Tbsp dish soap 2 cups white vinegar Once you add the vinegar to the sink, it will get all fizzy for a second.AND THE LABELS COME OFF:-)

How To Remove Labels From Wine Bottles

Arrange paper templates, nail them in, rip paper off, and hang picture on nail! Okay, that's ingenious.

How to Remove Wallpaper Easily using fabric softener who would have thought

How to Remove Wallpaper Easily - Wallpaper Removal Tips

tutorial - First aid for your ATG

A MUST read for DIY interior house painters wanting crisp lines!!!!! (I had heard about using clear glaze over the tape to seal- but if you already have the paint... why buy glaze- this is GENIUS!!)

30 "Secret" iPhone Tips

Softening Secret -- When you're ready to bake, waiting for cold butter to soften can seem to take forever. Here's how to hurry the process along: Over a mixing bowl, shred the amount of butter you need on a grater. The little pieces will soften faster than a solid stick. In no time, the butter will be bake-worthy. GENIUS!

Kitchen Shortcuts and Timesavers

Chalk will remove grease stains from clothes. Simply rub the stain with chalk, then toss in the wash as normal.

Going to try this.

my mom does this-Cleaning fruit - fill sink with water, add 1 C. vinegar, mix. Add all fruit and soak for 10 minutes. Water will be dirty and fruit will sparkle with no wax or dirty film. Great for Berries too--keeps them from molding. I do this with strawberries and they last for weeks!

iCloud for Beginners...I probably should figure that out

How to determine egg freshness

work the thing · The Missing Instructions on Egg Cartons

another pinner said: Lots of Cleaning Secrets- this is probably the most useful list of cleaning tricks I've ever read

35 things i can't believe i didn't know!

Great tips...

  • Debra Littlejohns
    Debra Littlejohns

    How amazing, I need to get into these habits!

necklace lengths - good to know for when you're ordering online and can't try it on

30 "Secret" iPhone Tips