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The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies

*cries softly in a corner* << *cries loudly in a corner* << *starts sobbing and wailing* <-- *tears quietly rolling down the cheeks*<<<<*blames Billy Boyd for making us all cry*

the hobbit

Funny pictures about Lonely Sir Ian McKellen. Oh, and cool pics about Lonely Sir Ian McKellen. Also, Lonely Sir Ian McKellen photos.

BOFA Ending credits. These were beautiful. And with The Last Goodbye... << I didn't get to watch them because everyone who I watched the movie with just up an left. :(

These paired with The Last Goodbye.you bet your lucky stars I bawled like a baby. Yeah, I was totally the weird chick on the front row, wearing an elf dress and prosthetic ears, sobbing her eyes out. No shame, y'all.no shame.