itsy bitsy rainbow frog, beautiful

Itty Bitty Rainbow Frog - I think this little creature is so amazing!

Green Poison Arrow Frog, we have 4 of these guys at the wildlife center (my work) and they're pretty awesome, so small and colorful that they don't look real

colorsoffauna: Green Poison Arrow Frog (Dendrobates auratus) * dart frogs, though they may be highly toxic in the wild, are not toxic in captivity. it’s their diet of ants that provide the components.

I love this pic of a girl and her toad...because i had a toad, too...but mine was a little old Pennsylvania toad not nearly this big!  Made me smile, too!

♥ Spiffy Pet Stuff ♥ I love this pic of a girl and her toad.because i had a toad, too.but mine was a little old Pennsylvania toad not nearly this big! Made me smile, too!

Glass Frog under black light! You can feed this frog and study everything about it because you can see right through it's skin:)

Glass Frog under blacklight. This frog is easy to study due to its transparency.

Rainbow Frog in this picture Is Photo Shopped, there is No such thing as a Rainbow frog with polka dots. The Real Rainbow frogs have only 2 colors & No Dots

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Rare Wild Animal Searches Of 2011

PHOTOS: Google's 10 Most Popular Rare Wild Animals In 2011

You can not tell that frogs aren't cute

This little frog is called a purple frog also. But I think he is more a lavender frog or maybe a violet frog.Of course he may grow into a big PURPLE frog.

purple frog

this frog has the best dressed award he is in my favorite color Purple.

Clown Frog, Costa Rica

Funny pictures about The Costa Rican Variable Harlequin Toad. Oh, and cool pics about The Costa Rican Variable Harlequin Toad. Also, The Costa Rican Variable Harlequin Toad photos.

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Tower o'frogs

Red-Eyed Tree Frog, Mother and Babies. Love how they're stacked on top of each other, like one big frog pile-up. :) So cute!

Blue Poison Dart Frog

Day 181 Beautiful World: blue poison dart frog (Dendrobates azureus) - listed as Vulnerable, but if rainforest deforestation continues, its status will become more critical.

"Mom, he's pulling my ;leg again                                 "Mom---he's pulling my leg!!"

Red-eyed tree frogs by Nicolas Reusens. One climbs up the leg of another to get a hold on the branch, after he slipped off.

Wooden tree frog-has anti-freeze type blood!  He's fine when he thaws out!

Frozen Frogs In Alaska - During the cold winters, the Alaskan Wood Frog becomes a frog-shaped block of ice. It stops breathing, and its heart stops beating. When Spring arrives the frog thaws and returns to normal going along its merry way.

Funny Wildlife, funnywildlife: Pretty Frog!!!

The colorful colors in God's palate Red-eyed Tree Frog, photographed by Artur Celes

Alien Black-eyed Monkey Tree #Frog. I  think this may be my favorite frog picture yet...#Amphibians

Beautiful Alien Black-eyed Monkey Tree Frog (Phylomedusa gamba) Puerto Maldonado Rainforest Conservation Anuran, Peru - photo: Paul Bratescu on

Polka Dot Frog . . .this is proof God has a sense of humor.

Excidobates (Dendrobates) mysteriosus (captive), Maranon poison frog, IUCN Redlist: Endangered by Brad Wilson, DVM on Flicker

Indian bull frog

Dan Wilcox: Yellow Blue Indian bullfrog Hoplobatrachus tigerinus It's real. Indian Bullfrogs are large frogs that grow up to 15 cms inches) in length. They are yellowish/olive green in color and they have dark irregular markings.

This is my FROG HANGOUT...  I am the PURPLE CHARMER...     lol


Tree Frog photography by AngiNelson 9 Colorful Tree Frog Photography by Angi Nelson

Frog's smile

Funny pictures about Therapy Frog. Oh, and cool pics about Therapy Frog. Also, Therapy Frog photos.

Dendrobates aratus o rana dardo. Tremendamente venenosa y tremendamente bella.

Loitering in the leaf litter, a beautiful poison dart frog stirs about. This is the green and black poison dart frog (Dendrobates aratus). Photographed in Panama.

Peacock Tree Frog. <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">WhatIsTheBestMoun...</a>

Frogs and toads are my favorite animals. They're so cool. This is a Peacock tree frog. I love the tree frogs song. Especially when I'm in Florida or the WI