Michelle Shaul
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BioBag biodegradable plastic bags 30 litre (25 bags)

World's first certified compostable plastic bags. Suitable for standard household, kitchen tidy bins. Helps the environment by allowing waste to decompose in landfill.

Full Circle suds up dish brush

An easy way to get someone else to do the dishes for you - this Suds Up soap dispensing dish brush has a stand-up bamboo handle, a push button for easy soap dispensing, and bristles that are naturally tough and absorbent.

Neoflam wok 34cm non stick with lid - red

Neoflam wok non stick with lid - red

Nature+ Neoflam 24cm non stick fry pan - yellow

Nature+ Neoflam non stick fry pan. Or any other healthy non stick fry pan that is free from harmful chemicals and heavy metals.