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We are grateful for each and every one of you.

  • Shaikh Ashraf
    Shaikh Ashraf

    Allah bless u & ur family

  • Catherine Grasser
    Catherine Grasser

    Pour votre engagement et l'immense travail accompli,MERCI!

  • Erica   L. Paul
    Erica L. Paul

    I was SO HAPPY when you guys won that I did a dance in my living room!

  • Ellie Wooten
    Ellie Wooten

    Hello, I can't believe I'm actually talking to you. I hope you all are doing well and God Bless You.

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Surrounded by a few of my favorite people watching Joe and Barack speak at the Democratic National Convention. –mo

  • Brandi Hofmann
    Brandi Hofmann

    The girls are getting so big!

  • Charleston

    My goodness Malia and Sasha have grown over the past 4 years. Are you sprinkling fertilizer on their food. They are soooooo beautiful. Such a lovely family. Grandmama Obama (love calling her that) look like First Lady's sister.

  • Maggie Lamarre
    Maggie Lamarre

    oh my I luv luv luv it :) Thank you for all you do :)

  • Neat Dream Spaces Home Organizing
    Neat Dream Spaces Home Organizing

    Many blessings to you, The President, and family.

  • Harper Barbour
    Harper Barbour

    Was it fun being on ICarly??Im 10...just wondering

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It’s a big 4th birthday for Bo! He’s getting some extra treats today. –mo

  • Chera Hereford
    Chera Hereford

    Happy Birthday BO!

  • Amy Himes
    Amy Himes

    A gift from the late great Ted Kennedy.

  • Raikz *
    Raikz *

    Happy Birthday, Bo!

  • Drapery Loft
    Drapery Loft

    awww too cute

  • Taylor Nute
    Taylor Nute

    Happy b-day Bo!

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Casting our ballots for Barack in 2008 was such a special moment for our family. The girls were so proud of their dad. –mo #kidsvote

  • Rachel Rott
    Rachel Rott

    Same here, Lady Clare. I just heard that our mail-in ballots were sent out yesterday in CA, so I'm looking forward to voting again, for the last time, for President Obama.

  • Kathie S
    Kathie S

    Four more years!

  • Whitney

    We mailed our Absentee Ballots out last week--my husband and I are both proud to support President Obama.

  • Angela Brown
    Angela Brown


  • Carol Heigh
    Carol Heigh

    am a proud Obama supporter- have seen him speak twice in Seattle and both times were thrilling.

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Barack and Michelle on their 20 years of marriage. OFA.BO/fLwT9v

  • Karla Solano
    Karla Solano

    Happy Anniversary @Michelle Obama and President Obama. May God bless you many more blissful years.

  • Maluhia King
    Maluhia King

    Happy Anniversary!!

  • Barbara Park
    Barbara Park

    I love them!


    Congratulations !!!!!!!

  • Maggie Lamarre
    Maggie Lamarre

    Congrats to you on a strong marriage in the spotlight :)

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Happy 20th anniversary, Barack. Thank you for being an incredible partner, friend, and father every day. I love you! –mo

  • Andrea Felix
    Andrea Felix

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!! God Bless You!!you both are the best leaders that everyone loves!!!!!

  • Cheryl Small
    Cheryl Small

    An inspirational and loving couple!

  • Prügikonteinerite rent
    Prügikonteinerite rent


  • Sundance Vacations
    Sundance Vacations

    Congratulations on your 20 years together. This is a really great picture of both of you, and regardless of politics we wish you another 20 happy, prosperous years together.

  • The MadBeautiful!
    The MadBeautiful!

    this brings tears of joy to my heart!

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The First Lady’s brother, Craig, shares memories from the 2004 Democratic convention—and reflects on how far we’ve come.

  • Mella Gregg
    Mella Gregg

    I'm just proud of our President

  • The MadBeautiful!
    The MadBeautiful!

    I'm always praying and sending Blessings to our First Family. I support you in everything that you do, Michelle!

Date night.

  • eirene eirene
    eirene eirene

    looks like it was fun!!

  • Kevin McMurray
    Kevin McMurray

    Love this picture :)

  • Ellie McHale
    Ellie McHale

    So stinkin' cute... ♥

  • Gracey Deittrick
    Gracey Deittrick

    Michelle Obama I'm a huge fan if u will can u follow me

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Powerful motivation: our children’s futures. Add your name as a Parent for Obama today. OFA.BO/32WSej

  • Cindy Johnson
    Cindy Johnson

    Look how they have grown. To be proud for sure.

  • KendellandTameka Smith
    KendellandTameka Smith

    We strive to be GREAT parents!

  • Kunsang Choedon
    Kunsang Choedon

    lovely picture!!

  • Digna Olivarez
    Digna Olivarez

    This picture makes me happy.

  • Patricia Castillo
    Patricia Castillo

    What a beautiful family!!

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Game time with good company

Star Tracks: Tuesday, July 17, 2012
  • Aftershock London
    Aftershock London


  • Denise Allen
    Denise Allen

    You cant fake love. This family's love just oozes out.

  • Bulou Varanisese /BVsnapshot
    Bulou Varanisese /BVsnapshot

    beautiful ♥ you guys.

  • The MadBeautiful!
    The MadBeautiful!

    Please pass this along to Pete Souza - great photographs!

  • Livlife10

    Michelle can you please fallow me your awesome

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Time to get going: Today’s your last chance to share a meal with the First Couple. Your airfare's covered: OFA.BO/p3CUXJ

You could win dinner with Barack
  • EnjoyHi5Autism -
    EnjoyHi5Autism -


  • Kate Williams
    Kate Williams

    Love this family

  • Katrien O
    Katrien O

    4 MORE YEARS !!!!!! Congratuliations from Belgium!!!!!!

  • The MadBeautiful!
    The MadBeautiful!

    We need to see more of you & your family's positive example in the world today. Thank you!


    Thank you so much for everything Mr. And Mrs. Obama.

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Sign the Father’s Day card for Barack: OFA.BO/dje2ut

Happy Father's Day, Barack!
  • peter Camara
    peter Camara

    yeah lovely picture

  • First Click Internet Marketing
    First Click Internet Marketing

    So adorable.

  • Sophie Ridolphi
    Sophie Ridolphi

    happy fathers day

  • Victoria

    Happy Father's Day president Obama!!:):)

  • Lucy Megerth
    Lucy Megerth

    This is such a cute picture, please fallow me I'm only 12 but I love you your my idle, please fallow me

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I’m fortunate to have had two great fathers in my life. My husband and my dad, Fraser Robinson. –mo

  • Melvin Johnson
    Melvin Johnson

    Wow, sweet family.

  • Joseph Dendy
    Joseph Dendy

    Happy family!

  • Maggie Lamarre
    Maggie Lamarre

    awww we want to see more of grandma robinson please :)

  • Neat Dream Spaces Home Organizing
    Neat Dream Spaces Home Organizing


  • Ellie McHale
    Ellie McHale

    You are a carbon copy of your mama!

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Victories of every size are cause for celebration. –mo

  • Michelle Darrisaw
    Michelle Darrisaw

    Happy Father's Day!

  • peter Camara
    peter Camara

    victory is sweet

  • Two By Two Travel
    Two By Two Travel

    Nice to see you get a chance to have some fun - Pinterest is a wonderful way to share photos..mine are about beautiful places I have traveled and want to travel. would love to see you post photos of places you have been.

  • Barbara Buszta
    Barbara Buszta

    Our country will have a lot to celebrate for the next 4 years. Getting to start my "Obama" board. Love to you all.

  • EnjoyHi5Autism -
    EnjoyHi5Autism -


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We are dad’s biggest fans, each and every day. –mo

  • T MoreFab
    T MoreFab

    I love this family!

  • Karen Slicer
    Karen Slicer

    You are an example to all of us. We love and admire you.

  • Brigita Cornwell
    Brigita Cornwell

    Beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kris Hyatt
    Kris Hyatt

    This family is a great roll model for every American family. Beautiful.

  • Audrey Larsen
    Audrey Larsen

    follow me Michele!

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Barack knows his basketball – and he makes a great coach for our daughters. –mo

  • Sandy Beach
    Sandy Beach

    not sure why it would be photoshopped - this site gives credit to White House photo/Pete Souza

  • Chloe Carrera
    Chloe Carrera

    there are some great facial expressions in this photo. I'm super amused by the one kid who is NOT interested and focused on his video game.

  • peter Camara
    peter Camara


  • Audrey Larsen
    Audrey Larsen


  • peter Camara
    peter Camara


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The list of life skills passed along includes many things, even skipping rocks. –mo

  • Jules Pieri
    Jules Pieri

    Michelle, you need these balls that bounce on water (but not on land)

  • EnjoyHi5Autism -
    EnjoyHi5Autism -


  • christina tejada
    christina tejada

    quality time will last u a lifetime god bless your family

  • Taylor Nute
    Taylor Nute

    @Oliviatohmpson I agree, I like how he makes time to be with the kids instead of just work work work. . . my parents are like that a bit. work work work

  • Ivon Cruz
    Ivon Cruz

    Sharing parents with children is the healthiest way to build a healthier society

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With everything that he has on his plate, Barack always makes time for our daughters.  –mo

  • Andrea Mulder
    Andrea Mulder

    Such a lovely and spontaneous photo!

  • Mary Hall
    Mary Hall

    Love and respect your family. Thank you for all you do.

  • Cassidy Blackwell
    Cassidy Blackwell

    Thank you for being our President.keep up the good work.

  • Ivon Cruz
    Ivon Cruz

    El compartir los padres con los hijos es la manara mas saludable de construir una sociedad mas sana.

  • Ivon Cruz
    Ivon Cruz

    Sharing parents with children is the healthiest way to build a healthier society

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