Michelle Shipton Cook

Michelle Shipton Cook

Michelle Shipton Cook
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Will the Real Freddy PLEASE Stand Up #FiveNigtsatFreddys

Five Nights at Freddy's Freddy everywhere! This is an awesome spongebob reference

Pole-bear fnaf XD BONNIE!!

I'm chica holding on to my older twin cousin Tyler and freddy is my cousin freddy holding my little cousin Aiden lol my family

XD oh foxy Y U SO STUPA? *jk I <3 foxy

(Five Nights At Freddie's) LOL the fan base of this game, always making fun of the animatronic's poses. xD ^^^^ Foxy's getting a head start XD


Listen Foxy, we know you want Mikes Booty. If he closes the door, he dosent want you to touch it. Now stop banging on the the door, unless you want one of your "friends" to get in and ruin his booty.