The Best College Care Package

The Best College Care Package

Care packages for the homeless. Just keep some in your car.

Of Such is the Kingdom: Care Packages

These would be particularly useful right now in the freezing temperatures much of the country is having! Blessing Bags for the homeless

Teaching Thanksgiving: Blessing Bags - The Happier Homemaker

Blessing bags for the homeless | Blair Blogs

Blessing Bags for the Homeless | Blair Blogs

Saw these printable scripture verses online: We attached it to a drink w/ a note.

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Military Care Package Ideas...for our employees leaving to serve our country!>>For when my hubs deploys again.

The Patriotic Pam...: Creative Care Packages

how to make a pocket full of sunshine with sassy style redesign

Sassy Style: 10 DIY Friend Gift Ideas

get well (whale) kit

BugBites: Pretty Paper Pretty Ribbons Design Team Day.

How to Create a Homeless Care Package for Someone in Need ~ One pinner said, "what they always want the most (believe it or not) are clean white socks." Another said she keeps her 'care/blessing pkgs' in her trunk all year round. What a great parenting activity this is... :)))

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this site tells you random things that the post office will let you mail. so fun to do :)

13 Ounces Or Less | giverslog

This woman did 38 random acts of kindness on her 38th birthday. How fun! As I read through her list, I thought this world would be a much happier place if everyone did one random act of kindness each day. A new challenge, perhaps. Picking a few of these might be a fun way to spend a hot summer afternoon.

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Care Package Ideas

5 Sexy Things to Send Your Military Man for Valentine's Day

Blessing Bag Filler Ideas (for adults/homeless) keep ready in the car. Mini Cereal Boxes Deodorant Hand Sanitizer/Soap Shampoo Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Floss Granola Bars/Energy Bars Wet Wipes Pen & Small Note Pad Breakfast Cookie Gift Cards (Starbucks) Tissue Lotion/Sunscreen Chocolate Note of Encouragement Peanut/Almond Packs Crackers

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Blessing Bags – Giving to others

Blessing Bags - Giving to others - Lilac City Momma

Homeless Backpacks

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My version of the blessing bags I found on pinterest. This stuff in gallon ziplock bags to keep in the car to give to homeless. Got everything for 12 bags in a trip to Costco and CVS, ordered the heat packs from Amazon. This will be a fun project to do with Max and Molly when they are old enough!

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I've been making these food packs for the homeless people I run into. Just shopping at the QFC, I can make these for under $4 each. I'm going to see how much better I can do on price by shopping at Costco. Contents: Tuna fish, crackers, cereal/granola bar, fruit cup, pudding, rice crispy treat, juice box, fork, napkin, wet wipes.

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"blessing bag" to give to homeless on the street - Gallon size Ziplock bags items to go in the bags, such as: chap stick packages of tissues toothbrush and toothpaste comb soap trail mix granola bars crackers pack of gum band aids mouthwash coins (could be used to make a phone call, or purchase a food item) hand wipes you could also put in a warm pair of socks, and maybe a Starbucks gift card

KWAVs: Blessing Bags How To