There ARE men who love and protect. They walk a variety of paths in life with kind hearts.willing to help save a life. These men accept hurting and difficult people with compassion and

Love, couple kissing with the sunlight in the background over the ocean. For the honeymoon.

I love to hug my girl ^_^ Hold her forever ^_^ And maker her happy and live a beautiful life together

one day i'll get to sit on a dock like this and maybe there will even be stars to distract you from how dumb i look when i get lost in your eyes -28

Romantic - Northern Cyprus and ancient city of Girne.not in Turkey, in Northern Cyprus. It is called the Liman.the marina :) www.

groovergirl:Perfect summer night Those in the north, look for the aurora borealis tonight…

This photos inspires me because it shows no matter what - the most important thing is the love the bride & groom share.