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A baby Cornbread!

12 Teeny Tiny Puppies You Must See Now!

Love love love... Ha ha


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adorable chihuahua

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Yes I am adorable!

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Chat noir et Blanc cat kitten white black @larisanilow7

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A boy and his boy like dog..did you see that? @larisanilow7

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Want one! @larisanilow7

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Lil' fiesty baby dogs! @larisanilow7

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Michele Loyd

That face is why I will probably be the crazy dog lady. Great Dane Puppy - A Place to Love Dogs @larisanilow7

Great Dane Puppy - A Place to Love Dogs

If this dog knows you, he might lick you to death. ;P If he doesn't... probably shouldn't jump the fence. @larisanilow7

Cute Animal Picdump

What a great post! We just absolutely love animals. Whether it's a dog, cat, bird, horse, fish, or anything else -- animals are awesome! Don't you agree? @larisanilow7

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38 Brillant Dog Care Ideas to Make Your Life easier! @larisanilow7

38 Unexpectedly Brilliant Tips For Dog Owners

Is this little guy even real? Cockapoo love this word @larisanilow7

Top 3 Beautiful Cute Cavapoo Puppies | Cute puppy and dog

omg she is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute @larisanilow7

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incredibly adorable bulldog puppy looking back. @larisanilow7

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What a cutie!!! - Australian Cattle Dog Aaron wants a blue heeler so bad he can't stand it! Wish we were aloud to have one @larisanilow7

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Okay, I guess his cute factor has defended him against the elements… | 39 Dogs Who Will Make You Question Evolution @larisanilow7

39 Dogs Who Will Make You Question Evolution

Ada, Spencer's australian shepherd puppy, a gift from her dad Simon @larisanilow7

The once house dogs RP >>>Now Open<<<


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This is my kitty. I won't let anyone harm her. I will guard her and love her all my life.

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Dog Perspective

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Being a veterinarian isn't exactly all about playing with cute puppies, but they sure make the job worth it!! #Sanlamforgraduates

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