Michelle Hernandez

Michelle Hernandez

Michelle Hernandez
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Japanese style grooming

With one of the most fanciful and creatively designed pet clothing and accessories industries on the planet- Japan's pet owners have a plethora of options for giving their pets that one of a kind persona and achieving extras that are an extension of their

Dog grooming and pamper day

( Shatz Shatz Evans, this is how I picture you.see, its really not worth it--although it looks hilarious--to go through all this for your perfect/socially acceptable curls.afros are way cooler)

Poodle Piggies! Grow out hair on ears long and braid. Just like a little fuzzy person.

5 Dog Breeds to fight Depression and Anxiety.yea I am just pining this so when I have a female poodle I remember to do this. People keep calling my male poodle a female enough as it I am not going to give him braids despite how badly I want to.