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Gem Table

The Gem Tables by American design studio Debra Folz Design are nothing if not bright and shiny, and who doesn’t like bright, shiny objects? First presented at NYCxDesign the Gem Tables mimic the facets of gemstones, creating a light-refracti.

sliding screen doors

Sliding Screen Doors - The owners of this South Carolina home wanted a welcoming entry and loved the idea of keeping their front door open to enjoy the breeze while still keeping bugs at bay. The answer: sliding screened doors hung just inside the foyer

Maybe this is the Normal server evolution we've been waiting for!

This needs to be a real Pokemon. So pretty! It's from a different anime but i can imagine it being a pokemon. <-- to whomever wrote this, it kind of is a real Pokémon. It's all of Eevee's evolutions drawn into 1 ultimate Eevee evolution.

What's it like inside a pokeball? The ideal environment theory is best!!

A PokéBall is the most important item to a Pokémon trainer. As seen in all Pokemon related media, a PokéBall can store one Pokemon at a time. But, have you ever wondered what is it inside a PokéBall?