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I am not really a cat person but this picture makes me want one. They look so cute and cuddly😍(although I have heard some stories about them hurting people).

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Rare tigers

Rare tigers

I would love this, were it not for the incorrect interpretation of the Maltese tiger. There is no proof that such a creature exists, and those photos are artistic renderings, not true blue tigers. Lovely expose on the tiger's many colorations

White Eurasian Lynx With a Lynx totem, people will share their secrets with you. They will take you into their confidence and you will "accidentally" discover things about people (whether you want to or not). You must be very careful not to break confidences. Your words must be chosen carefully and used cautiously. Strength through silence must be your motto. You do not have to do anything with the secrets you learn, you, like the Lynx, are the keeper of secrets. Listen to your higher…