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    Creative Container Gardens

    Inspiring ideas for repurposed planters, upcycled container gardens, pots and portable gardens. No need for expensive garden beds ... just a little creative imagination required. For more ideas, visit my blog @ + get your FREE copy of my eBOOK; join a community of creative urban gardeners @ &

    Creative Container Gardens

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    Need a little inspiration for a feature planter? Upcycle a tree stump. Chisel out the top, drill some drainage holes & add potting mix. With thoughtful plant choices you can add a splash of colour and create a focal point for your garden. By the time the stump decomposes, you'll have free compost or mulch. More creative container ideas @ themicrogardener.... | The Micro Gardener

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    Herbs like rosemary, lemon grass & garlic chives can feature as the star attraction in large pots. They provide a fragrant entry feature with seasonal flowers + access to the kitchen for quick meal additions and herb teas. Partner with a cascading plant like variegated mother of herbs, sweet potato vine or licorice vine. Regular 'haircuts' will help shape your herbs into a beautiful edible planter. More herb tips @ themicrogardener.... | The Micro Gardener

    Pinehurst NC Landscaping | Moore County NC Landscaping | Southern Pines NC Landscaping

    UP-CYCLED BIKE PLANTER: Don't throw it - grow in it! An old bicycle can be repurposed with micro container gardens and even used as a trellis for a climber like a grape vine. Mounted on a fence, you can create your own garden art feature. More ideas & tutorials @ themicrogardener.... ontainer-garden-projects/ | The Micro Gardener

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    VERTICAL CONTAINER GARDENS: Short on space or sunlight? Stacking is a vertical gardening technique & these planters are a nifty solution. I use them for herbs, strawberries, lettuces & other shallow-rooted edibles. Here's one source via Amazon: More vertical garden tips @ themicrogardener.... | The Micro Gardener

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    Tips for Growing Potted Fruit Trees - Use a straight edged large planter, so if you have to repot as your tree grows, it will be easier to remove. Underplant with flowers - they not only look & smell beautiful but bring in the bees to help boost pollination = more fruit at harvest time. More tips @ | The Micro Gardener

    Dwarf Lemon Trees | Incredible Pics

    Cute Jute Crocheted Pocket Planter - If you're handy with a crochet hook, this simple pouch project would make a unique hanging planter. This one is made from natural fibres & you could easily hang on a short pole or branch with a couple of hooks. Low-water needs plants like succulents are ideal. More container ideas @ themicrogardener.... | The Micro Gardener

    lil fish studios: antlers + plants = plantlers?

    Natural Chair Container Garden - a design feature project for your garden. More creative container garden ideas @ themicrogardener.... | The Micro Gardener

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    Repurposed Rake Plant Holder - Reuse an old garden tool as a practical and quirky vertical garden stand for hanging baskets to grow more in a small space. Makes a creative garden feature & puts plants in easy reach. More vertical garden ideas @ themicrogardener.... | The Micro Gardener

    Repurposed Rake Projects - Bob Vila

    Love Strawberries? So do slugs & snails! Grown on the ground they can also suffer from fungal diseases that thrive in humid conditions. The solution? Grow them in a hanging basket. Takes advantage of extra vertical space, better air circulation, up off the ground away from slimy thieves and at easy reach for harvesting. More small space growing tips @ | The Micro Gardener

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    Ever thought of using herbs as a feature in your container garden? Here brilliant green curly parsley cascades down the side of a tall row of pots along with purple-flowered Erysimum linifolium ‘Variegatum’ which provides height, contrasting colour + texture. A simple idea for combining edibles & ornamentals. More container garden inspiration @ themicrogardener.... | The Micro Gardener

    Wife, Mother, Gardener: Chanticleer House in Spring

    How to Hang Clay/Terracotta Pots. TIP: Create a feature & maximize vertical space by hanging one pot above the other. When you water, any excess moisture will filter down to the pot below. Hide an ugly fence or wall with a series of hanging pots filled with colour or herbs. More inspiring ideas @ | The Micro Gardener

    How to hang clay pots

    Upcycle everyday items into creative planters as gifts. Cute boots for kids filled with edible flowers or their favourite vegie; colander with ready made drainage holes; herb baskets or a cup/saucer planter filled with berries. Follow the tutorial @ themicrogardener.... | The Micro Gardener

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    Edibles & Ornamentals - This colour themed pot has purple cabbage as the star attraction in the centre with pretty annual pansies and smaller plants as fillers and spillers. A great example of how to team edible plants with flowers. More tips on container gardens @ themicrogardener.... | The Micro Gardener

    Dana Garden Design: novembre 2013

    Mosaic Bathtub Planter - Repurpose a salvaged bath as an outdoor garden, with perfect drainage in the plughole! If you are a crafty gardener, mosaic or paint the outside for a unique feature reflecting your own style and taste. More creative container ideas @ themicrogardener.... | The Micro Gardener

    A Frugal Life: 5 Upcycled Garden Container Ideas

    Purple in Pots: The Thriller, Filler & Spiller formula works every time. Repeat silver green & purple foliage with a variety of plants to create the WOW factor. The same coloured pots in different shapes & sizes harmonizes the collection & provides a beautiful contrast. Staggered vertical planting is a clever design trick. Purple edibles include cabbages/kale + grey green foliage like leeks & spring onions + oregano & thyme as trailers. More tips @

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    For gorgeous containers, use the Thriller/Spiller/Filler method. Choose a taller plant as your thriller, a filler to add around the base and a trailing plant to spill or cascade down the sides. More container garden tips @ themicrogardener.... | The Micro Gardener

    Award Winning Containers and Seasonal Flowers | Flowerscape

    Succulents in Container Gardens - These hardy plants come in so many shapes, colours & sizes and are perfect for small space gardens: in boxes, pots, buckets or even repurposed watering cans! Many look like flowers or have stunning blooms and thrive on neglect and minimal moisture. | The Micro Gardener

    Succulent Container Garden Plans

    Portable Wheelbarrow Planter - A practical micro garden with easy access and so simple to move into sunny, shaded or protected positions. | The Micro Gardener

    Gardening in repurposed planters!

    Upcycled Vegetable Garden "Bed" - a creative reuse of bed heads for a fun garden look & even a bedside table reused as a plant stand. Teamed with gumboot planters, this garden has plenty of character. See more creative container garden ideas @ themicrogardener.... | The Micro Gardener

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    Learn how to make your own container gardens in 4 Simple Steps + 6 easy low-cost projects and tutorials to inspire you. Simple ideas anyone can do. | The Micro Gardener

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    Repurposed Window Planters - These rescued window panes have been repainted and restored as feature planters & hung on the side of a garage to dress it up above a herb garden. More creative planter ideas @ themicrogardener.... | The Micro Gardener

    Photo by ʚϊɞ Kim K. : herbs,summerpics,summer... | Gather

    Concrete Hand Planter Tutorial - For a quirky planter that doubles as garden art, fill an old work glove with prepared cement in a bucket to curve the fingers. Allow time to set then remove glove carefully and plant out. Make a pair or just one at a time. Hardy succulents are a perfect choice for this kind of micro garden. | The Micro Gardener

    Hypertufa Hands

    Rusty Bike Planter - why waste an old bike when it can add so much charm & character as a feature planter? Use wire to secure a basket or two to the front & back, fill with potting mix and colourful flowers or trailing herbs. Easy DIY Potting Mix Recipe @ themicrogardener.... | The Micro Gardener

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    Repurposed Singer Sewing Machine base with planter - a creative idea for adding character to a vertical garden. ♥ this! More ideas @ themicrogardener.... | The Micro Gardener

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