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Creative Container Gardens

Inspiring ideas for repurposed planters, upcycled container gardens, pots and portable gardens. No need for expensive garden beds ... just a little creative imagination required. For more ideas, visit my blog @ + get your FREE copy of my eBOOK; join a community of creative urban gardeners @ &
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CONTAINER GARDENING eBOOK. Discover practical container gardening tips, techniques + inspirational ideas to grow healthy, safe edible gardens. Be inspired with creative container garden ideas + the pros and cons of a variety of pot materials. Learn which pots are best for you, the benefits of container gardening, portable pots, repurposed planters, solutions for windy locations + much more. DIG IN! $4.97.

Worm Farming Secrets eBook - The Micro Gardener

Colander Container Garden: This red hot pot has built in drainage holes, is portable & is an easy way to add character. To create a feature planter, team up a variety of textures and pick a colour theme. A splash of red in this pot adds drama & spiky rosemary adds height. More container garden design tips @ | The Micro Gardener

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Confused about the best pot or planter to use? This helpful Chart and tips help you understand the pros and cons of different kinds of pot materials to make choosing easy. Discover how to avoid expensive mistakes. It will help you consider cost, durability, food safety, environmental issues, weight, porosity & drainage. Learn more now... | The Micro Gardener

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CONTAINER GARDENS offer so many benefits. More control over what & when you grow; minimal weeds & pests; easy access; kind on your back; portable + more. CLICK to learn more tips on growing a low maintenance easy garden. | The Micro Gardener

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Need a little inspiration for a feature planter? Upcycle a tree stump. Chisel out the top, drill some drainage holes & add potting mix. With thoughtful plant choices you can add a splash of colour and create a focal point for your garden. By the time the stump decomposes, you'll have free compost or mulch. More creative container ideas @ | The Micro Gardener

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Herbs like rosemary, lemon grass & garlic chives can feature as the star attraction in large pots. They provide a fragrant entry feature with seasonal flowers + access to the kitchen for quick meal additions and herb teas. Partner with a cascading plant like variegated mother of herbs, sweet potato vine or licorice vine. Regular 'haircuts' will help shape your herbs into a beautiful edible planter. More herb tips @ | The Micro Gardener

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UP-CYCLED BIKE PLANTER: Don't throw it - grow in it! An old bicycle can be repurposed with micro container gardens and even used as a trellis for a climber like a grape vine. Mounted on a fence, you can create your own garden art feature. More ideas & tutorials @ ontainer-garden-projects/ | The Micro Gardener

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VERTICAL CONTAINER GARDENS: Short on space or sunlight? Stacking is a vertical gardening technique & these planters are a nifty solution. I use them for herbs, strawberries, lettuces & other shallow-rooted edibles. Here's one source via Amazon: More vertical garden tips @ | The Micro Gardener

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Tips for Growing Potted Fruit Trees - Use a straight edged large planter, so if you have to repot as your tree grows, it will be easier to remove. Underplant with flowers - they not only look & smell beautiful but bring in the bees to help boost pollination = more fruit at harvest time. More tips @ | The Micro Gardener

Dwarf Lemon Trees | Incredible Pics

Cute Jute Crocheted Pocket Planter - If you're handy with a crochet hook, this simple pouch project would make a unique hanging planter. This one is made from natural fibres & you could easily hang on a short pole or branch with a couple of hooks. Low-water needs plants like succulents are ideal. More container ideas @ | The Micro Gardener

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Repurposed Rake Projects

Repurposed Rake Plant Holder - Reuse an old garden tool as a practical and quirky vertical garden stand for hanging baskets to grow more in a small space. Makes a creative garden feature & puts plants in easy reach. More vertical garden ideas @ | The Micro Gardener

Repurposed Rake Projects - Bob Vila

Love Strawberries? So do slugs & snails! Grown on the ground they can also suffer from fungal diseases that thrive in humid conditions. The solution? Grow them in a hanging basket. Takes advantage of extra vertical space, better air circulation, up off the ground away from slimy thieves and at easy reach for harvesting. More small space growing tips @ | The Micro Gardener

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Ever thought of using herbs as a feature in your container garden? Here brilliant green curly parsley cascades down the side of a tall row of pots along with purple-flowered Erysimum linifolium ‘Variegatum’ which provides height, contrasting colour + texture. A simple idea for combining edibles & ornamentals. More container garden inspiration @ | The Micro Gardener

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How to hang clay pots

How to Hang Clay/Terracotta Pots. TIP: Create a feature & maximize vertical space by hanging one pot above the other. When you water, any excess moisture will filter down to the pot below. Hide an ugly fence or wall with a series of hanging pots filled with colour or herbs. More inspiring ideas @ | The Micro Gardener

How to hang clay pots

Upcycle everyday items into creative planters as gifts. Cute boots for kids filled with edible flowers or their favourite vegie; colander with ready made drainage holes; herb baskets or a cup/saucer planter filled with berries. Follow the tutorial @ | The Micro Gardener

7 Easy DIY Garden Gift Ideas - Unique, homemade & affordable |

Edibles & Ornamentals - This colour themed pot has purple cabbage as the star attraction in the centre with pretty annual pansies and smaller plants as fillers and spillers. A great example of how to team edible plants with flowers. More tips on container gardens @ | The Micro Gardener

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Mosaic Bathtub Planter - Repurpose a salvaged bath as an outdoor garden, with perfect drainage in the plughole! If you are a crafty gardener, mosaic or paint the outside for a unique feature reflecting your own style and taste. More creative container ideas @ | The Micro Gardener

A Frugal Life: 5 Upcycled Garden Container Ideas

Purple in Pots: The Thriller, Filler & Spiller formula works every time. Repeat silver green & purple foliage with a variety of plants to create the WOW factor. The same coloured pots in different shapes & sizes harmonizes the collection & provides a beautiful contrast. Staggered vertical planting is a clever design trick. Purple edibles include cabbages/kale + grey green foliage like leeks & spring onions + oregano & thyme as trailers. More tips @

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For gorgeous containers, use the Thriller/Spiller/Filler method. Choose a taller plant as your thriller, a filler to add around the base and a trailing plant to spill or cascade down the sides. More container garden tips @ | The Micro Gardener

Award Winning Containers and Seasonal Flowers | Flowerscape

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Succulent Container Garden Plans

Succulents in Container Gardens - These hardy plants come in so many shapes, colours & sizes and are perfect for small space gardens: in boxes, pots, buckets or even repurposed watering cans! Many look like flowers or have stunning blooms and thrive on neglect and minimal moisture. | The Micro Gardener

Succulent Container Garden Plans

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Gardening in repurposed planters!

Portable Wheelbarrow Planter - A practical micro garden with easy access and so simple to move into sunny, shaded or protected positions. | The Micro Gardener

Gardening in repurposed planters!

Upcycled Vegetable Garden "Bed" - a creative reuse of bed heads for a fun garden look & even a bedside table reused as a plant stand. Teamed with gumboot planters, this garden has plenty of character. See more creative container garden ideas @ | The Micro Gardener

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Learn how to make your own container gardens in 4 Simple Steps + 6 easy low-cost projects and tutorials to inspire you. Simple ideas anyone can do. | The Micro Gardener

6 Easy DIY Container Garden Projects |