Small Garden Design Ideas

Check out these creative vertical gardens & other design ideas to help maximise space ... For more inspiration and articles, visit my blog @ + get your FREE copy of my eBOOK which includes tips on designing your garden. I invite you to join a community of food lovers & creative urban gardeners @ &
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VIDEO: LEARN TO GROW AN ORGANIC EDIBLE GARDEN IN SMALL SPACES. Want to improve your health & well being? Nutrient-dense home grown organic food IS within reach, even if you only have a small space & budget to grow. Using smart design principles, sustainable gardening practices & NO chemicals, you CAN enjoy an abundance of food year round. Get started with easy tutorials & inspiring ideas. Learn more @ + CLAIM YOUR FREE eBOOK!

Micro Gardening: Learn to Grow an Organic Edible Garden in Small Spaces

SMALL GARDEN DESIGN: Got limited space or planning a Kitchen Garden? If you want a productive & pretty garden that will feed your body and soul, it's worth doing some planning first. Maximise space, increase yields and enjoy the beauty with these practical tips. | The Micro Gardener

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Maximise Vertical Space: Layering or stacking in a small area is a design technique to add visual interest and make the most of available space. Getting pots & garden decor items up off the ground with a ladder and on a windowsill are 2 easy ways to grow vertically. More sunlight, less pests & easier access. More vertical garden tips @ | The Micro Gardener

Relooking de la terrasse . - Fleurs et chiffons

Repetition of blues and whites, edibles and ornamentals in this cottage style potager garden. Interplanting herbs with flowers and layering short and tall plants helps make this garden visually appealing. More design tips @ | The Micro Gardener

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Mini Herb Spiral Garden - If you have limited sun, space or time to manage a herb garden, consider a compact, space-saving spiral garden. This clever vertical design is a highly productive, energy efficient way to grow food & maximise space. Learn more about the benefits of herb spirals & how to make one @ | The Micro Gardener

6 Spectacular Raised Bed Design Ideas for Spring | Lifescape

SMALL GARDEN DESIGN TIP: Curved edges increase your planting space rather than straight lines so if you have limited room for a garden, consider circular or mandala designs. More tips @ | The Micro Gardener

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The Micro Gardener

Growing melons on vertical structures like trellises & arbors means almost any gardener can find a spot for melons. Instead of taking up too much personal space in the garden growing on the ground, going vertical can minimize their footprint while maximizing yields. Better airflow also reduces diseases. More vertical garden benefits at | The Micro Gardener

Make Room for Melons

DIY Pallet Planter - A tutorial with easy-to-follow instructions and photos to help you make your own low-cost vertical garden. Shows you how to use both sides of the planter & simple to convert a pallet without lots of tools. | The Micro Gardener

DIY Pallet Planter |

Vertical Garden Trellis made with painted timber offcuts to look like tall daisies. Design doubles as garden art and a practical vertical frame for climbers. More vertical garden ideas @ | The Micro Gardener

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Box Frame Fence Planting: Not enough sun? Can't bend to garden? Have pets or animal visitors that destroy your plants? Use your fence as a Vertical Garden by making simple framed boxes with a shelf to elevate plants for more sun & easy access. A great garden feature too. More vertical garden design ideas @ | The Micro Gardener

5 Garden Decorating Ideas

Getting Started with Vertical Gardening - growing up and down offers small space gardeners so many benefits. With some simple design ideas + vertical structures compact areas can become productive, beautiful features. Learn why growing vertically offers you so many benefits. | The Micro Gardener

Get Started With Vertical Gardening (Infographic)

Blue & White Pot Theme: Repetition of colour is a simple design principle you can use to create impact with just a couple of planters or in a small space. Repeated use of the same colour in pots, foliage or flowers can bring unity to an arrangement or collection. More design tips @ | The Micro Gardener


Hostas in a pot: Every spring they return ... in the pot! Add geraniums + ivy for interesting textures & a splash of colour. Grouping containers together and using repetition (pot colour & matching foliage) is a design trick to create unity and the WOW factor. More design tips @ | The Micro Gardener

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Garden Room: Frame the view. An arbor or arch is one clever way to provide vertical growing space and add bucket loads of character at the same time. Use reclaimed materials to minimise cost like ladders for the horizontal at the top & side 'walls'. More vertical inspiration @ | The Micro Gardener

Create a Country Garden

Wire gate vertical garden - A simple wire gate decorated with roses or other colourful climbers creates a pretty entrance and offers a clear barrier without obstructing the view. The entrance still feels welcoming, despite the taller more solid timber gate and arbor behind. | The Micro Gardener

12 Stylish Garden Gates

A green wall like these beautiful climbing roses adds proportion, colour & fragrance. It cools the building and provides the perfect backdrop for contrasting collections of your favourite garden tools, pots and watering cans. Locating collections either side of a vertical garden unifies the space and creates more visual appeal. More garden design ideas @ | The Micro Gardener

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Herb Spiral - This clever vertical garden design is a highly productive, energy efficient way to grow food & maximise space. Learn more about the benefits of herb spirals @ | The Micro Gardener

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<3 this gate ... a window to what lies beyond. If you have a small space to garden in, choose plants you really love to grow and that earn a place in your garden. | The Micro Gardener

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Terracotta Pipe Garden Bed Border - <3 this clever dual purpose idea for designing a raised garden. The pipes are partially buried in the ground to secure them & then filled with compost & planted out, maximising space. The garden edge pipe 'pots' are also planted into & vertical stakes added for climbers. At a dollar each from an op shop these versatile pipes are a low cost solution. | The Micro Gardener

My Great Outdoors: Marcus & Jenny’s Veggie Garden Melbourne

Garden Art Trellis - Upcycle old wire coat hangers or leftover wire from other projects into mini vertical garden climbing frames. Use pliers to bend wire into shape - hearts, curls or whatever takes your fancy! Add to pots or planters for dwarf climbers like sweet peas. More tips @ | The Micro Gardener

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Potting Shelves & Vertical Ladder Garden - Make shutters, boxes & shelves from repurposed pallet timber. With a little creative inspiration, you can create this layered look & maximise space. More ways to use pallets in your garden @ | The Micro Gardener

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Grow beans in a 'Jack & the Beanstalk' Theme Garden - tutorial on how to make a creative edible garden for your children complete with Beans, Beanstalk and even a Giant! Instructions and tips @ themicrogardener.... | The Micro Gardener

'Jack & the Bean Stalk' Theme Garden |

Vertical Ladder Gardens - Use step ladders to maximise planting space on a balcony, patio or tight corner. They double as an attractive garden art feature as well as practical space for pots & planters. For more vertical garden design tips see | The Micro Gardener

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For properties with limited space, this design makes use of the strip down the centre of the driveway with a low-growing garden. Narrow edges along the fence line can also be maximized by espaliering fruit trees or growing vertically. Under planting along the fence with edibles like parsley, chives, oregano, thyme + lemon balm can provide culinary herbs for the kitchen too. More ideas @

Small Space Gardening: How to Garden Anywhere

Half Wine Barrel Salad Planters - if you're strapped for space, don't have much time or room for a garden, consider repurposing a large container to grow a variety of salad or stir fry ingredients. Learn how to plant up a box or container garden @ | The Micro Gardener

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