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    Midamar Corporation

    MIDAMAR IS THE LEADER IN ALL THINGS HALAL - Since 1974, Midamar has been a leading US based Halal Food Brand and Global Supply Chain Management Company serving

    The first thing people think of when they hear/see "Midamar"

    Halal Pepper Beef Strips certainly add a "kick" of flavor on your desired sandwiches!

    Announcement! America’s Favorite Halal Brand is Now Available at Shoprite - 3413 Fox Street, Philadelphia PA

    World's most delicious Halal Chicken Tenders (In my humble opinion).

    Wishing you all the full blessings and rewards of Ramadan!

    Midamar Halal Seasoned beef patties and 100% Beef Burgers! Hot off the grill!

    Our customers describe this as 'hands down' the best ribeye steak on earth! Just saying...

    Halal Tenderloin Brochettes. It doesn't get any better than this!

    Thank You to all who visited us at ICNA!

    Simply the most tender cut of meat out there. Sourced from Midwestern Family Farms. Truly delicious! Available at

    Unparalleled variety of Halal Foods. At you'll find premium quality halal foods for everyone in your family.

    Say Hello to Halal today and everyday - It is the real soulfood

    Halal Lamb marinated in Moroccan spices and baked. Delicious.

    The dish that feeds the most people

    Take care of the Earth and it will sustain us all!

    Alaa Kamal ME Director, Speaks at International Franchise Forum in Dubai. The focus of his speech was supply chain management of franchisors/ees in the food and hospitality sector.

    Mediterranean Spiced Grilled Chicken (#halal) from My Halal Kitchen

    Sara Sayed, Midamar Director of Marketing and Communications

    Midamar Halal Air Chilled All Natural Antibiotic Free, Cage Free Chicken. Air Chilling cools the chicken without the use of water. The chicken is tender and juicy. No water retention or cross contamination. Cleaner. Sustainable. This is how chicken should be.

    Alaa Kamal. Midamar Regional Director, Middle East

    Halal Turkey Deli Line is now available. This is the 2013 winner of the internationally coveted "Best New Frozen or Chilled Food" chosen from amongst 100s of entries from around the world at the Gulfood Awards in Dubai.

    Choosing Halal doesn't mean giving up variety. Midamar Halal Franks come in original, hot links, beef halal links (bratwurst), and halal seekh kabobs.

    Midamar wins Best Non-Traditional Bacon Product at the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival in Des Moines, Iowa. This is a very large event held in Iowa every year. Literally thousands of bacon aficionados go from booth to booth sampling their favorite products. The only Halal beef strips at the event, Midamar Halal Beef Strips won over the judges for their unique and delicious flavor.

    Jalel Aossey co-owner and director of Midamar

    Speaking on Export Development

    Midamar Turkey Deli Line is crowned "Best New Frozen or Chilled Food" for 2013 at the prestigious Gulfood Awards Ceremony in Dubai, UAE.

    Midamar Gyros and Apple Hickory Smoked Beef Strips were chosen as innovation award finalists at SIAL Abu Dhabi. Products will be showcased at SIAL Exhibitions worldwide in 2013. Alaa Kamal, Middle East Sales Director and Jalel Aossy (right) accept awards.

    Halal Tenderloin Brochettes - The most tender and succulent cut of beef on the market. No need to marinate. Just season and grill or fry!