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Military History

Military history concentrating mainly on British and Commonwealth forces.

SYRIA. Damascus. Officers of the Indian Army discover the Vichy French HQ after the surrender. 1941.

El-Alamein artillery

Canadians near Groningen, The Netherlands, 14 April 1945.

WWII: Infantrymen of The West Nova Scotia Regiment in a Universal Carrier en route to Rotterdam are surrounded by Dutch civilians celebrating the liberation of the Netherlands.

The body of a Japanese war criminal as seen through the trapdoor of the gallows immediately after he has been executed by hanging on the gallows in Changi Gaol. His hands have been tied behind his back and he wears all white, including a hood over his head. Note the semi circles marked on one half of the trapdoor, which match up to form full circles, indicating where those about to be hanged should stand. Singapore: Changi. 1946.

EYGPT. Cairo. British armed forces personnel relax by the Pyramid of Cheops. 1941.

THE DIEPPE RAID, 19 AUGUST 1942. Lt Col The Lord Lovat, CO of No. 4 Commando, at Newhaven after returning from the raid.

Propaganda dropped over France by the RAF on behalf of French patriots in Britain, 1942

Canadians that made it back (from the carnage at Dieppe.) Library and Archives Canada Canada at War ( - "Canadian Battles: The Dieppe Raid"

An unidentified Canadian soldier, who is armed with a Thompson machine gun, escorting a German prisoner who was captured during Operation JUBILEE, the Dieppe raid. England, 19 August 1942 by BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives, via Flickr

Battle of Arnhem, in the First day of operation "Market Guarden". (1944.9.17)

British 1st Airborne with Sten Mk V; Arnhem,Holland September 1944.

Churchill signs a guestbook on a kitchen table during the Liverpool blitz.

A British lieutenant sleeps in the hay during fighting in Italy, 1944.

A soldier on watch at a lookout post in the Western Desert, 7 November 1941.

Recruiting poster

Gordon Highlander 2nd Btn. Sgt. Maj. Boer War1899

1st Manchester Regiment 17Oct1941

Prince of Wales. 2Dec1941

Jap tanks in Kuala Lumpur

Malaya Volunteers with Lewis

1st Manchester Regiment Vickers machine gun team

Cornwallis battery in Penang after its capture.

Johore Bharu 1942