Guess I need to learn how to weld. Got the junk already... (from BapaTom's Metalworks Portfolio)

BapaTom's Metalworks Portfolio

Make Your Own Plant Pots and Baskets l

Make Your Own Plant Pots and Baskets - Homestead Lady

DIY vine wreath from grapevine, virginia creeper, wisteria (Medium)

How to Make a Grapevine Wreath - Garden Therapy

...I love this...would love to do something like this one day. Maybe when I can finally get my Butt of Pinterest, I will have so time! LOL

Good Ideas For You | Concrete Ideas

sunflower from ~~ an old fan?

Don's Daylily Divider

Recycled screen door in the garden

The Upcycled Garden 2012: Using Recycled Salvaged Materials In Your Garden

DIY garden stones - use a cake pan!

How to Make Stepping Stones - with a Cake Pan

DIY- Love! A Garden Hose Wreath

A Garden Hose Wreath???...

Thompson's fabric seal. Waterproof and UV protection...didn't know this stuff existed

Thompson's Water Seal Fabric Seal

Homemade Garden Angel (great blog)

Upcycling old shutters in the garden

leafy stepping stones

DIY Leafy Garden Stepping Stones

Flower pattern (daisies) mosaic stone pebble patio or garden pathway | designer: Janette Ireland LED2472 photographer: Liz Eddison

In Detail: LED2472

Turn your old ironing board into yard art like this one.*

Exclusive Photography - Easy Branches

How to Make a Garden Fountain using Salvaged Galvanized Buckets and Watering Cans - this is a great tutorial that shows everything you need to do to create this water feature in your yard - via Flea Market Gardening

Annie’s galvanized tipsy pots

spray paint hula hoops black, string lights on them and hang them from the ceiling.

World Best Things: Learn to make!

Funky junky hub caps :)

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Chicken wire chickens

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Chicken Wire:Horses

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lots of rustic and recycled garden art ideas for your garden

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"A whimsical watering can fountain adorns the entrance to PT Flea Market." Anaheim, California photo of "Watering Can Fountain" by IgoUgo travel photographer, AgedToPerfection.

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garden art made from shovels

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stick tree..this would be a great trellis for an annual vine; makes a lovely winter art object in the garden

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garden art fence

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