Easy Blueberry Jam Recipe ~ Says: Say good-bye to store-bought jam loaded with preservatives and sugars. You are going to be amazed at how quickly this jam comes together, and how thick it get

Easy Blueberry Jam

Make your own blueberry jam why not! - Easy Blueberry Jam Recipe ~ Says: Say good-bye to store-bought jam loaded with preservatives and sugars. You are going to be amazed at how quickly this jam comes together, and how thick it get

Smoothie Rezepte

Try this Blueberry Mango Smoothie Recipe - healthy smoothie recipy for getting natural energy!

Super leckeres Wasser

Perfect for summer! Get in your daily water quota with this Fruit-Infused Water - 6 ways! From berries, to citrus, to cucumber and herbs, we& got you covered for refreshing drink recipes all summer long.


A cup of coffee and reading a good book in bed = my favourite Saturday or Sunday morning past time ❤

Lecker, köstlich, himmlich und farbenfroh in Blau.

Top foods for healthy aging: Flaxseed, soy, whole grains, grapefruit, garlic… …

Mein Freund der Baum... Suchen Sie ein gemütliches Eckchen in Ihrem Garten? Darf ich Ihnen beim Planen behilflich sein? Ihr Garten- und Landschaftsbauarchitekt in Jüchen www.ericclassen.de

Reading is my first love. Its a Simple pleasure.Taking time to relax, reading under a tree and enjoying the beautiful weather.

draussen lesen

True Story: Guys that read are attractive. Seriously, hottest thing ever in my book. So glad my husband reads!

beautiful pic. everyday moment plus. youth, nature. (could live without the dog personally as it seems a little cliche)

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rain & tea

An alluring book, a cup of hot and aromatic tea, and refreshing raindrops. Perfect moment to Just make it coffee though.

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BÖĞÜRTLEN: İdrar söktürür. Ayaklardaki şişlikleri indirir. Yüksek tansiyonu düşürür. Gözlerdeki zafiyeti giderir. Mesane taşlarının düşmesine yardımcı olur. Ağız, dil, dişeti ve bademcik iltihaplarını giderir.

I love the stark contrast of the shadows and the frost on the berries. A super cool idea for a dark blue/black wrap with accents of grey, ice blue, purple.


Raspberries make the perfect summer pudding or healthy snack. They are high in fibre, iron and vitamins A and C. Raspberries also contain phytochemicals such as beta-carotene which has been said to help protect against heart disease.

Blood Orange Margaritas | edibleperspective.com

Blood Orange Margaritas

This picture stood out to me in a sea of other photos because of the beautiful color of the blood oranges. The deep purple from the blood oranges and the green from the limes blends together beautifully and creates a stunning photograph.

how yummy do these look?!

How to Make Blueberry Jam a Canning Recipe. Blueberries are wonderfully healthy. You can preserve them by making jam and enjoy them well into the winter months. They are delicious on breads and hot cereals.

2 Kiwi = 58 kcals  2 Kiwi Fruit = 58kcals

Health And Medicinal Benefits Of Kiwi : Kiwi is low in calories and is therefore a great food for people on a slim down diet or weight watch.


12 Recipes for Purple Food for Breakfast, Dinner, Appetizers, Cocktails, and Summer Treats

My Wife's favorite fruit. I planted a Fig tree in the yard 18 years ago. She stands on a stool and eats them right off the tree. 2014 - Colour of the Year - PANTONE Radiant Orchid .

summer fruithttp://pinterest.com/pin/355010383099907157/

Just a quick reminder to come try our brand new raspberry cream cheese pie! I like how simple this photo is. I also like the how red the berries look against the brown. It makes me want a handful of berries.

Skinny White Wine Spritzer | 15 Low-Calorie Cocktails That Will Still Get You Turnt

Skinny White Wine Spritzer

Skinny White Wine Cocktail - This refreshing, low-calorie spritzer is easy on your waistline and your wallet! Try this recipe with one of Stone Hill Winery's white wines!