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    The Great Gatsby.

    Prada en el Gran Gatsby | Blog oh! la moda
    • David Richards
      David Richards

      kind of liked the book.

    • seyla sok
      seyla sok


    Binder Clip = Phone Charger Holder

    Team Imhoff: {Office Clip + Phone Charger}
    • Clare Dahtler
      Clare Dahtler

      AWESOME idea! I soooo need that!!! (and i Just bought some colourful clips just yesterday!

    • chelsey


    • seyla sok
      seyla sok


    • Rufullayev Rauf
      Rufullayev Rauf

      best of best

    • quotessucker

      Inovators make heaven to shame!

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    • เมก้าซอฟต์ ประเทศไทย
      เมก้าซอฟต์ ประเทศไทย

      "ตรงกับงาน" คือคำจำกัดความของคำว่า "ซอฟต์แวร์สั่งทำ"


    How Women See The World Around Them...
    • Naiima Lovechild
      Naiima Lovechild


    • seyla sok
      seyla sok


    SO true!

    Baby Brewing, Hip & Hilarious Tee Shirts | Baby Brewing
    • Tamara Bridgeman
      Tamara Bridgeman

      love this :)

    • Juanita Ortiz
      Juanita Ortiz

      no mom ever wants advice because mom's are always right

    • Fer Rda
      Fer Rda


    • carolina ferreira
      carolina ferreira

      Que gracinha!!

    This is one of the earliest known photographs of a human. A self portrait taken in 1839, it shows a young Robert Cornelius (1809-1893) standing outside his family’s lamp-making shop in Philadelphia. Cornelius was an American of Dutch descent whose knowledge of metallurgical chemistry was to help in perfecting the process of silver-plating, then employed in the production of daguerreotypes. It had previously been assumed that the time necessary for a photograph to be exposed was simply too long for portaiture to be considered. But, by making this striking image, Cornelius proved the concensus wrong and then went on to develop a chemical means of accelerating the process. Source: virtualvictorian

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    • Steven Maynard
      Steven Maynard

      And there is the Cellular Telephone, what's next???


    Last-Minute Kids’ Owl Costume | Alpha Mom
    • Abhishek Roy
      Abhishek Roy

      BABY OWL !!!

    • carolina ferreira
      carolina ferreira

      Que gracinha!!

    • steven

      haha!so lovely

    Liv Tyler as Arwen custom doll noeling.deviantar...

    Liv Tyler as Arwen custom doll by noeling on deviantART
    • Hannah Crow
      Hannah Crow

      This doll is beautiful! How much do they cost?

    • Mayank Joshi
      Mayank Joshi

      100 million bucks a piece

    • Jie Mei Kwan
      Jie Mei Kwan

      so real

    • liby Forner
      liby Forner

      i like that it is very awesome

    • liby Forner
      liby Forner

      how much does this beautiful doll (human) cost

    Cate Blanchett, Galadriel doll noeling.deviantar...

    Cate Blanchett, Galadriel doll by noeling on deviantART

    Bella Swan New Moon doll noeling.deviantar...

    Bella Swan New Moon doll by noeling on deviantART
    • Cassandra DeAngelo
      Cassandra DeAngelo

      looks so much more like her

    • carolina ferreira
      carolina ferreira

      Parece demais!! :o

    • seyla sok
      seyla sok


    Keira Knightley Repaint Doll noeling.deviantar...

    Keira Knightley Repaint Doll by noeling on deviantART
    • Fifi Leigh
      Fifi Leigh

      it kind of looks like her, but the doll is better looking

    • Rock Right
      Rock Right

      barbie dolls have become so detailed.

    • Albertné Tóth Zsanett
      Albertné Tóth Zsanett


    • seyla sok
      seyla sok


    Harry Potter movie - doll art noeling.deviantar...

    Harry Potter movie - doll art


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    • David Parra
      David Parra

      but, that is not polite :(

    • Howie Jenkins
      Howie Jenkins

      I would say something like," what size hat do you wear? it's amazing that you can get your head that far up your ass!

    Wash and dry jars and layer the bottom with the greenery of your choice, and then add a handful or two of cranberries. Pour water into the jar, causing the cranberries to float to the top. Insert a floating candle.

    Christmas Decorating with Kitchen Items
    • Barb Seil
      Barb Seil

      this would look beautiful on a holiday table in a large container

    • Chrissy Wilson
      Chrissy Wilson

      also great wedding centerpiece:)

    • King Island Weddings
      King Island Weddings

      Yes - wedding decoration


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    • Fish


    • Candie Vhaskos
      Candie Vhaskos

      me wants

    • Sangsara Sextience
      Sangsara Sextience

      wow where do i buy it?

    • carolina ferreira
      carolina ferreira

      que legal!!

    • steven

      oh!I want

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    • Mysti Williams
      Mysti Williams


    • Fifi Leigh
      Fifi Leigh

      for the most part, yes!

    • Rosi Olegario
      Rosi Olegario

      Oh my headache says thanks!

    • Fifi Leigh
      Fifi Leigh

      coffee addiction anonymous

    So true.

    Deck the Fireplace With Holiday Decor
    • Dominique Dembo
      Dominique Dembo

      Seems to be the case with law school for me, thanks this is really true

    Such a smart idea for filling up something that doesn't fit in the sink..

    reddit: the front page of the internet
    • carolina ferreira
      carolina ferreira

      hahaha vô fazer isso também! Boa ideia

    • Marina Sierra
      Marina Sierra

      Muy ingeniosa idea!

    • Bill Hilton
      Bill Hilton


    • steven

      haha!Very creative

    • P & P Collectibles & Antiques
      P & P Collectibles & Antiques


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    Oooh. Fun idea for vacation souvenirs.

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    • Tamra Martinez
      Tamra Martinez

      totally love it!

    shoe idea. Rocks would travel, but might be worth it!

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    a thousand words
    • Moriah Harris
      Moriah Harris


    • Susan Solomon
      Susan Solomon

      great idea

    • jfp13 P
      jfp13 P

      Brilliant. Coffee beans would also smell wonderful.

    • Crystal Davis
      Crystal Davis


    • carolina ferreira
      carolina ferreira

      preciso de um desses!!

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    • Nguyễn Trang
      Nguyễn Trang

      Story of my life!!!! Lol

    • quotessucker

      Procrastination live in tombs.


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    • Yvonne Martens
      Yvonne Martens

      Beautifull, I think this is of all nationalities :)

    • Debi Farrow
      Debi Farrow

      so true

    Ranunculus. gorgeous

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