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Owl with Moon

The Owl & the Moon Found a great horned owl feather on a evening stroll on July 6 I have asked for guidance and thankful to receiving the subtle messages of nature.

pink gorgeousness

Camellia looks stunning when espaliered against a warm wall Light:Part Sun,Shade Type:Shrub Plant Height:To 20 feet tall Plant Width:To 20 feet wide Bloom Time:Blooms spring and summer, depending on variety Landscape Uses:Containers,Beds & Borders

Bird_photography_tips_pictures_of_birds_of_prey_NIK20.zone_1.portrait.jpg 610×918 ピクセル

Bird photography tips: how to shoot pin-sharp pictures of birds of prey Digital Camera World

Owl - the natural feathers blend in with the bark of the tree!

In ITF Aleda takes the form of an owl to scout the scene. Most likely she was this little gem - the western screech owl. Screech owls are only the size of a robin but very capable hunters.

Great Horned Owl by Jason Low

Great Horned Owl Once had the honour of freeing one of these beauties from entanglement in a soccer net I will always remember the intensity of its eyes!