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Thank you to everyone who entered the Powered by Dairy Pinterest Contest! The contest may have ended, but dairy is always a great way to build strong bodies and stay energized. Visit us at for tasty recipes, nutrition tips and more.
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Nutritional Noshes: The Top 5 Foods a Dietitian Always Has in Her Grocery Cart


Nutritional Noshes: The Top 5 Foods a Dietitian Always Has in Her Grocery Cart

Between kids’ activities, keep dinner simple with a protein-packed, easy-to-clean recipe like this BBQ Chicken and Cheddar Foil Packet Dinner.


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This Chocolate Berry Smoothie is a post-workout treat for your muscles and your taste buds!


Chocolate Berry Smoothie - Dairy Makes Sense

With a boost of protein and a dose of calcium, this Peanut Butter & Banana Breakfast Shake is great fuel before or after a workout.


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Not feeling like going to the gym? Try a Blues Buster smoothie to help get you out the door feeling fueled and ready.


Blues Buster Smoothie Recipe - Dairy Makes Sense

To get the most out of your workout, be sure to refuel with protein and carbs within 30 minutes. Check out some easy ways dairy can power you up:


Exercise Fuel - Dairy Makes Sense

Do you get enough protein? Aim for 20-30 grams per meal to trigger your muscles to grow stronger. Check out these quick suggestions to power your day with protein!


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Take advantage of fresh asparagus this season. Roast it and serve with a healthy, tangy Chive Yogurt Ranch Dressing.


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Warm up your mornings with this Egg and Mozzarella Breakfast Pizza — and get 30% of your daily calcium!


Egg and Mozzarella Breakfast Pizza Recipe - Dairy Makes Sense

Greek yogurt is tasty on its own, but it’s also a great replacement for oil or mayonnaise. Learn how to use it in your recipes.


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