Breakfast and Brunch Recipes

Flavor your mornings with our recipes for breakfast casseroles, egg dishes, pancakes, muffins, easy make-ahead breakfast breads and holiday favorites. More recipes from Midwest Living:
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Strawberry-Rhubarb Coffee Cake: Cardamom and orange juice round out the sweet-tart flavor of this buttery, crumb-topped breakfast bake.

Strawberry-Rhubarb Coffee Cake

Pick-a-Flavor Scones: Choose the base recipe for Sour Cream Scones, or try a flavor variation.

Pick-a-Flavor Scones

Pick-a-Flavor Honey-Wheat Muffins: These weekday-friendly muffins are healthier than many, thanks to whole wheat flour and limited oil. More recipes:

Pick-a-Flavor Honey-Wheat Muffins

Baklava Monkey Bread: A clever mash-up of the classic Mediterranean phyllo pastry and an ooey-gooey Midwest potluck favorite. More recipes from our March/April 2016 issue:

Baklava Monkey Bread

Chocolate-Orange Yeasted Waffles: It may seem odd to leave waffle batter out overnight, but it's perfectly safe and helps develop a yeasty flavor.

Chocolate-Orange Yeasted Waffles

Baked Chocolate-Peanut Butter Doughnuts: These no-fry doughnuts are super chocolatey--a perfect match for your morning joe. More recipes from our March/April 2016 issue:

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Baked Doughnuts

Cookie Butter and Banana French Toast: Take Elvis' iconic PB and banana sandwich, but swap in cookie butter. More recipes from our March/April 2016 issue:

Cookie Butter and Banana French Toast

Citrus-Fig Sweet Rolls: These make-ahead rolls swap the usual cinnamon filling for a citrusy fig paste. More recipes from our March/April 2016 issue:

Citrus-Fig Sweet Rolls

Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Raspberry Sauce. Not just for kids! Recipe:

Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Raspberry Sauce

PBJ Strudel: A super-simple braid of puff pastry holds a scrumptious filling of strawberries and sweetened peanut butter. Recipe:

Midwest Living January/February 2016 Recipes

Savory Egg and Sweet Potato Scramble: Sweet potatoes, spinach and cumin add a fresh twist to scrambled eggs.

Savory Egg and Sweet Potato Scramble

Chocolanutty Banana Cake: Dessert or coffee cake? It’s up to you. A hint of orange rounds out the flavors.

Midwest Living January/February 2015 Recipes

Morning Buns: Pillowy Morning Burns, inspired by the original Brittany Buns from Madison, Wisconsin, need no caramel or pecans. They're perfect in their buttery, sugar-crusted simplicity. The recipe is from The New Midwestern Table ( by Minnesota chef Amy Thielen.

Morning Buns

Old-Fashioned Potato Doughnuts with Coffee Glaze: Amy Thielen’s nutmeggy Old-Fashioned Potato Doughnuts follow her grandmother’s farmhouse recipe, but instead of powdered sugar, she tops them with vanilla-coffee icing. The recipe comes from Amy’s book The New Midwestern Table ( Recipe:

Old-Fashioned Potato Doughnuts with Coffee Glaze

Banana Bread: The classic bread, flavored with a little cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. Recipe:

Banana Bread

Orange and Pomegranate Overnight Oats: Overnight oats owe their popularity to their ease: Soak them in the fridge and eat them cold. So keep a few jars in the fridge to grab for weekday breakfasts. Recipe:

Midwest Living November December 2015 Recipes

Chocolate-Kissed Monkey Bread: Caramel, chocolate and cinnamon give this monkey bread a delicious flavor. Recipe:

Chocolate-Kissed Monkey Bread

A layer of brown sugar, cinnamon and pecans swirls through the center of this delicious sour cream coffee cake. Recipe:

Sour Cream Swirl Coffee Cake

Zippy Cinnamon Rolls: Frozen bread dough and pudding mix can fool anyone into thinking you spent the morning baking cinnamon rolls!

30 Scrumptious Holiday Breakfast Breads

Cinnamon Surprise Buns: These yeast rolls poof as they bake, hiding the filled center. Guests will love the spiced nut and brown sugar in the middle of these frosted treats. Recipe:

Cinnamon Surprise Buns

Holiday Christmas Bread from a Nebraska reader – a sixth-generation recipe!

30 Scrumptious Holiday Breakfast Breads

Kid-friendly brunch: Jars filled with Legos keep little (and big) hands occupied at the table. Lego mini figurines stand in as place card holders. More holiday party ideas:

5 Christmas Party Ideas

Melty marshmallows and homemade cocoa in a decorated mug: Perfect for a party or for Christmas morning! Details:

40 Festive Brunch Recipes

Lazy Morning Sausage Pie...perfect for a spring brunch served with fresh salsa on top! Recipe:

Our Best Brunch Recipes

Blueberry Chardonnay Jam: This jam doesn't taste boozy; the white wine just deepens the flavor, like red wine in a stew.

Blueberry Chardonnay Jam