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Birth and babies

Birth and babies

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birth keeper or baby catcher?

Fetal Descent, Birth, Station, Progress, Dilation, Effacement, Labor, Contractions

baby in the caul... Sigmund Freud and Napolean were both said to be born in the caul. Just amazing!

I originally began researching this almost two years ago when I found myself pregnant with my youngest daughter. I had a 3A tear from my first birth which was a huge contributing factor in me developing PTSD so I was vey unsure of how another vaginal birth would effect me, both physically and psychologically. Click to read more!!!

Article: Birth After Tears: Vaginal or Cesarean?

Waterbirth by Cary York A beautiful piece of art!

Dilation of the cervix can tell us how far open you are, but not how close you are to the destination of birthing your baby. Listening to your body and the cues it gives can help us know where you are at in your journey though. Some women's journeys take them through jogs and shortcuts, while others are mountainous day-hikes.

Bellies and Babies: Dilation - How To Check Without Checking

There is an awful lot to think about when you become pregnant – names, cots, car seats, clothes, sterilisers, nappies and so on - but what about the decisions surrounding the birth itself? One of the biggest questions associated with this is where a woman wants to have her baby. Do you want a home birth, a birthing centre, a hospital ward, NHS facility or private facility? Once a place has been decided, many families come up with a Birth Plan of some fashion. Click to read more....

Birth. Now if only I could make one. Anyone got a pattern?

A VERY special delivery

Twins attached to their shared placenta ♥ Beautiful, just beautiful!