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Lady Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire, painted by Thomas Gainsborough in 1787, 13 years into her highly publicized and disappointing marriage. Her life has often been compared to that of Princess Diana. Not only did both live in "love triangles" but they are both Spencer girls. This painting is on the cover of the British version of Amanda Foreman's book, which was the basis for the subsequently made film, "The Duchess" starring the superb Keyra Knightly and Ralph Fiennes.


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The TIME Vault: 1955

It’s About Time: Gjon Mili’s Stroboscopic Portraits 1949 Pablo Picasso using a small flashlight to draw a figure in the air


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A Bulgarian Muslim bride from the Pomak ethnic group, attended to during her wedding ceremony in the village of Draginovo, 100 kms southeast of Sofia. October 30, 2009.


How the World Gets Married In Photos

Martenica (Мартеница) that looks just like the ones my Grandma used to crochet for us when we were kids. It's customary to wear these on your shirt or sweater until you see the first sign of spring. A pagan Bulgarian tradition that dates back thousands of years.


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1936, a brand new Plymouth was $510! Deluxe 4-door was $680. According to the US census bureau, in 1935-1936 the median family income was $1160. So, for less than half of your yearly income you could buy a car... Hmmmm...



Barrel Organ Player and a child on the Pont des Arts in Paris a 1950s Peter Cornelius photo


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